I received complimentary admission to Phipps Conservatory in exchange for this post. We are huge fans of Phipps and as always only partner with brands we truly love.

There's almost nothing I love more than a visit to botanical gardens, except maybe a beach day or a date night with my husband... so when I got to combine two of those recently it was a pretty good day and I was pretty excited about it.

Last month Frank and I scheduled a babysitter, got a late lunch/early dinner at one of  our favorite restaurants (Burgatory, they have the best burgers and milkshakes around), drove to Pittsburgh and spent the day together at Phipps Conservatory!

Phipps Conservatory is one of our most favorite places in the whole state of Pennsylvania, the beautiful greenhouses filled with exotic and tropical flowers, trees and greenery, everything smells so amazing and it's the most perfect way to take your mind off of the cold winter days and get a little green in your life to prepare for spring and summer, not to mention the perfect place to go on a date! We've always taken the kids with us when we went before but we decided to go solo this time because for one we don't get to spend enough time together just us two (and it's so important to keep dating your spouse no matter how long you've been together or married), and two, we just wanted to be able to take our time and enjoy every detail of every plant, instead of chasing a toddler through the entire place haha.

It's a little different at Phipps right now than it normally always has been but it's still the most beautiful place ever to visit. Tickets must be purchased in advance (there are timed slots but once you come in you can spend as long as you'd like in the Conservatory). There is one pathway through instead of being able to go whichever way you want, and masks are required, but the all of the greenery was so worth it.

Everything was so fragrant and beautiful, colorful and lush, you feel like you're in a jungle in parts of Phipps Conservatory. Of all of the rooms, two rooms are tied for my top favorite, no matter how much I try to decide, the decision is impossible to pick one favorite between the two. Which rooms are those you're probably wondering? (or you possibly could care less hahaha). It's a solid toss up between the desert room with alllllllll of the most beautiful cactus and succulents and agave you can lay your eyes on, it's truly a wondrous room and filled with so much (a bit prickly) beauty.

My second favorite room is the fruit and spice tree room, I mean, wow, if you have never been in this room, you are seriously missing out. It smells what I imagine heaven might smell like, all of the citrus blooms fill the air with the most daintily sweet and amazing smell. Not to mention some super rad banana and mango trees among the many trees. I always am a sucker for all of the citrus of all kinds because my husband and I sort of met because of oranges (yes, the fruit haha, it's a long story, maybe I'll share here someday, who knows).

My husband's favorite room is the serpentine room, all of the beautiful flower beds with every flower in it's proper place and sitting just so, it's such a beautiful room.

The Cuba room is always so fun, I love the waterfalls, the giant palm trees, the cute huts and of course learning about Cuba. The train room is great too, it's always been a favorite of the kid's so I made sure to take some videos and photos of that room for them to see when we got home. Really, you can't go wrong with any room at Phipps, every single one is amazing, they even have outdoor spaces during the summer!

Before we left, we made sure to stop in at the gift shop because they always have the cutest things in there and I love how many eco friendly products they have in there that you can buy to switch out items in your home to make your home more sustainable! If you are hungry, make sure to grab a quick bite to eat at their cafĂ©, not only is it cute, their food is also amazing (we've eaten there a couple times before)  and there are so many healthy options! Lots of vegan, vegetarian, gluten and dairy free options if you are on a plant based or limited diet, truly something for everyone!

We already can't wait to go back again! Their Spring Flower Show is in full bloom right now and there's no better time than now to plan a visit! Have you ever been to Phipps Conservatory?

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