Okay, so I'm gonna admit it, I'm not a huge fan of winter, BUT I do love being outdoors, so some days my love of being outdoors trumps my dislike of the cold. Plus It's always a good day when there's no wind so the cold feels less cold if you know what I mean, and once you start moving you warm up even quicker, even in the snow.

So that takes us to one of our recent adventures at the lake! We've been missing the lake like crazy: when it's warmer we find ourselves at the lake practically every single weekend, sometimes multiple times in a weekend, we didn't miss many weekends last summer, and it's always the best place to find yourself on a Saturday morning or a Sunday afternoon. We hadn't been since November so we've been feeling that lake itch, and our souls were needing a good dose of outdoors anyway since it had been so cold the week before we hadn't spent much time outside.

We discovered much to our dismay back in November that our favorite beach at the lake is closed during the winter (I'm still mad about it lol), but thankfully we beat the system because we found a little spot called "barbers point" that leads down to the water. It's got a little dirt road that with a sign that says "no winter maintenance" so basically come down here at your own risk, and the whole drive down you're praying your car doesn't get stuck haha. It opens up into the most beautiful view of the lake ever. You can see forever and it feels like you're the only ones alive, like you have the entirety of Moraine State Park and Lake Arthur to yourself.

This particular day, we were glad we had worn our waterproof boots because the mud was insane in the little cleared out area that you can park, the ground was a little slippery on the hill heading down towards the water but we didn't even care. We dug our heels into the sloping hillside going down, the cold didn't feel so cold anymore because it was just so nice to be outdoors and at the lake. We made snowballs and threw them into the lake, some of them even floated! We made a snowman too. Took in the view and kinda wished we'd had a sled; though probably good we didn't since we would have most likely ended up in the water if we'd have sled down the hill haha.

It was snowing pretty much the entire time and to say it was beyond magical would probably be an understatement. Once it started snowing really heavy though we figured we'd better head back home because we kinda didn't want to get stuck on the dirt road back, thankfully our trusty car made it back totally okay (I should probably have more faith in the capabilities of cars ha).

I love the little adventures like these, these are the things that kids will remember forever. Chances are, when they're an adult, they're not going to remember that toy you bought them, but they will remember the spontaneous adventures and the time you spent together as a family making memories. I'm already excited for our next family adventure whatever and wherever it may be!

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