As a mama with little ones, I always shop for clothing with functionality and comfort in mind, but now that I'm breastfeeding a little one again, those things are even more important for my wardrobe. Unfortunately as I've discovered in the past few months, options for stylish breastfeeding friendly clothing is sometimes rather limited. That's why I was so excited when I found the brand Loyal Hana right before Bodhi was born. I was immediately drawn to their simple look, stylish designs  and most of all, great range of functionality for both expectant and nursing mothers. This past week, their Christy speckle long sleeve top in cream showed up in my mailbox and now that I own a piece of their clothing, I love Loyal Hana even more!

While technically nearly any shirt can be breastfeeding friendly (just lift it up right? lol) there are times, especially when I'm out in public that I prefer to be a little more discreet. Breastfeeding isn't easy (goodness it's so worth it though), but all of the super cute clothing choices that Loyal Hana offers make it easier for sure. This long sleeve top is perfect for that with it's beautifully sewn in side zippers that aren't even noticeable unless you're looking for them. This top is so comfortable and I've loved wearing it this past week, which by the way I've definitely worn it more than once because it's just that good! The hidden zippers are so easy to maneuver unlike some nursing friendly clothing items I've worn in the past, making nursing my little one, or using a breast-pump so much easier for this busy mama.

I have my eye on a few more pieces to hopefully add to my wardrobe soon because allllll of the Loyal Hana pieces are simply perfection, basics to statement pieces, they have something for every mama / mama to be. I love that with Loyal Hana I don't have to sacrifice style for functionality, because us mamas already sacrifice so much for our little ones, we shouldn't have to with our style. If you're like me and already have your eye on some super cute pieces, use my promo code JOYFULTRIBE30 for 30% off! Make sure to send me a DM on instagram letting me know what you got!

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