It's officially winter, it's cold here so of course we're staying cozy and warm inside as much as we can these days. Snuggling our newborn baby Bodhi, recently celebrating our Bella's 5th Birthday, making tons of warm soups and just enjoying each other's company and our little family. I always get so excited for the fresh clean start that a new year offers, and we've still got a long ways of winter left here in Pennsylvania, so I'm sharing all of our favorites for winter below! Some sweet items for baby, a beautiful diffuser for our essential oils, some cozy new clothes from one of my favorite brands, natural hair care to help beat that dry winter air, probiotics to help keep your entire family healthy, healthy grab and go protein bars and more!

I just adore all the sweet and simple baby things, simple teethers like these from Lou Lou Lollipop are not only fun for  babies to hold and play with, they're also so functional since they can help with teething pain and give them something to chew on when the gums start hurting. I just love these two, the white is so simple and perfect for all year round, and the robin's egg color is the perfect winter color with a hint of spring on the way. Blankets are also a huge weakness of mine, you can pretty much never have too many cozy things, right? I'm all about the cozy life, and this sweet mudcloth quilt is absolute perfection. It's made from 8 layers of cotton muslin and is simply the absolute softest, it's also Bodhi's absolute favorite little blanket out of all of the blankets we have gotten for him!

I've shared about EVOQ Beauty products in the past (the volumizing wash and rinse) and I simple cannot say enough good things about their brand and products. Not only is EVOQ owned by the sweetest lady ever, but their products are amazing. Full of only good, natural, safe for you, organic ingredients so you never have to worry about what might be in them. As a woman, a wife and especially as a mama, it's so important to me that the ingredients in our products are safe, and not slowly poisoning us like most products found in stores. Important to me that my children's tiny bodies and minds are kept safe from toxins, and important that my husband and I are able to stay healthy to watch them grow up and live healthy lives. That's why I have worked so hard these past few years to rid our home of chemicals and make sure we only have good ones in their place. With all of the cold weather and dry air that comes with the never-ending Pennsylvania winters, before very long, it starts taking its toll on my hair, the ends get so dried out and until now I could never figure out how to fix it (except pray for an early spring haha). That is until I tried the EVOQ Therapeutic Wash & Rinse on my hair, it has done so much good for my hair and it has never been better! Oh! and with all of the postpartum hair loss going on currently, this thickening and volumizing spray is a lifesaver! Use code HAIRVITALITY for 10% off when grabbing some EVOQ goodies for yourself!

I fell in love with babywearing when Bella was around 3 years old, and ended up babywearing her until she was around 3 and a half. It was simple the best, keeping my little bay girl so close, not only did it comfort her when she just needed mama or wasn't feeling well, but it also helped create the sweetest bond for her and I. I knew I wanted to baby-wear again this time around and actually came across this Happy Baby carrier in the prettiest charcoal color a couple years back and made a mental note to myself to get it if/when baby #2 ever came along. Of course when we found out we were expecting in April of 2018, it was one of the first things I added to our wish-list. This charcoal color is the absolute perfect neutral and is such a good color (even better in person), I love that it's dark enough to keep from getting dirty looking easily too! This structured lightweight luxury linen baby carrier is simply perfect for wearing baby in all around your home, out on walks, to church, at the grocery store... just everywhere!

I mentioned above how we've worked hard to remove toxins from our home and keep us healthy... but what about our gut health? This time of year is known to be cold and flu season (currently it seems like everyone we know is sick too) and we've learned the keeping our gut flora happy plays a big part in keeping our entire bodies happy and healthy! Of course probiotics are huge when it comes to that and LoveBug Probiotics are some of our favorites that we've loved for awhile. One of the biggest reasons we love LoveBug Probiotics is because they carry probiotics for the entire family! Women, men, children, expectant and breastfeeding mamas and even babies! I've been doubling up on them since I went to the hospital to give birth, because lack of sleep always seems to weaken my immune system, and since babies don't always sleep a ton at night... :) I have felt a sore throat start creeping up twice in the past month, and both times I took a few extra Lovebug Probiotics and I felt completely better when I woke up a few hours later for Bodhi's next diaper change and feeding! We'll just be using these probiotics forever and ever. Click here to read all about why you should be incorporating probiotics into your family's daily routine!

My love for essential oils runs deep, my family started using them when I was a little girl, before they were even the "cool" thing to do or use. I think one of my favorite things about them, other than their amazing health benefits that is, is being able to teach my own children about them! We've been using them for Bella since she was around 2 weeks old and now she loves them just as much as I do, always asking for oils in her diffuser at bedtime and for her diffuser to be turned onto a certain color (blue is her absolute  favorite that she asks for every single night). While we already have a couple of diffusers, you can never have too many diffusers or never too many oils, so when a friend shared with me about this Serene House brand "Supernova" diffuser from Soft Surroundings, I was all heart eyes for it. It needed to come live with us for sure. I mean, just look at it, have you seen a prettier diffuser, we keep it running pretty much non stop these days with all of the immune supporting vibes with thieves oil or all of the best smelling calm vibes with lavender oil. Not only is this diffuser super functional, but also is beautiful as decor!

We're all about those memory foam pillows, and these from Marpac are our absolute most favorite. Kind of funny that growing up I hated memory foam, and thought it was just weird, but now that I'm an adult, I LOVE THEM. I literally  cannot sleep without my Marpac yogasleep "clean sleep" memory foam pillow now and I get the best sleep from it. I love that the cover zips on and off in about 30 seconds for easy washing, perfect for freshening up and for an allergen free bed. Their instant response yogafoam also provides rapidly adjusting pressure point relief for the absolute most comfortable sleep of your life. It provides the most perfect amount of firmness and softness so you can get the best of both worlds.

I came across PACT organic apparel a few years ago, don't ask me how I found them, because I honestly can't remember, but goodness am I glad I did! I am obsessed with their leggings, I wear them all day, nearly every day and and pretty much would never take them off or wear anything else if I knew I could get away with it haha. They are SO SOFT and you feel like you're wearing a cloud when wearing them, they're just the best... I mean, they must be the best since I own like 5 pairs of them though. :D Their undies for women are also one of my favorite products in the whole world, I used to buy another (very well known) brand and eventually got tired of wearing undies that seemed to rip within a few months, so when I found these, they were a breath of fresh air. Made from  100% fair trade organic cotton for the best breath-ability (which is especially important for women), so comfortable, and made to last! Seriously, I had the same 6 pairs for the past 2 years and they lasted so well without getting rips or holes, I just recently got some more to replace my old ones and they're made just as well as the old ones! My husband also loves these travel pants for men, and I'm living in these sweatshirts!

I'm all about quick and grab-able snacks and meals these days since I don't seem to have time for much else between taking care of a newborn and a preschooler, so when I found Square Organics protein bars on Instagram, I immediately wanted to try them! Their protein bars really don't taste like protein bars (I mean being coated in chocolate and all... sign me up), they actually taste delicious and I love that they are made from high quality, whole food, organic ingredients so I never have to worry about what I may be eating! They're all delicious but the chocolate coated coconut and chocolate coated crunch are out of this world amazing!

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