Happy New Year Friends! I'm so excited looking ahead at all this new might bring for our family. This past year brought us such happiness, with the arrival of our brand new baby boy Bodhi, and our sweetest Bella girl turning FIVE! Looking back at last year's new year post, I mentioned how we hoped to add a new little one to our family, and I am so thankful that God brought us our heart's desire! 2018 was not without it's hardships of course, months of morning sickness, to be followed by gestational diabetes, our car getting hit in a wreck at the end of October, and more, but God worked it all out for the best, and I wouldn't change a thing. Morning sickness typically means the baby is strong and growing healthy, the diagnosis of gestational diabetes helped me clean up my eating habits (even though now that Bodhi is here, I can enjoy the occasional sweet treat) and become a healthier version of myself, my husband was not injured when our car was in the accident and thankfully Bella and I weren't in the car, not only that but we were able to get Bella a brand new car seat upgrade because of it! God also brought us closer to him and closer to each other through it all.

Hopes and plans for this year include spending more time than ever as a family and just enjoying the simple things in life, simplifying and minimizing our home and possessions even more so we can enjoy life without the stress of mess, hopefully finding and buying a house that we love and can call our forever home to raise our babies in (wherever that may be, here in Pennsylvania or some other state), watching this little baby grow and explore the world around him, Bella too (never lose your sense of wonder and your joy for life my sweet girl), getting Bodhi dedicated at our church, a trip to visit my family in Missouri, a South Carolina beach vacation, and more date nights with my hubby (even if they're just simple staying in date nights after we put the kids to bed), and keeping our hearts lifted in worship to the one who created us all.

In the spirit of making life less stressful and minimizing our life as I mentioned above, I'm also planning on taking a little bit of a step back from the blogging world, though I'll still be blogging, posting life updates, finishing up the posts I already have in the works and of course sharing our favorites here and there, I  just want to take every moment in, soak in every single second of every single day. These little ones of ours are only little for such a small amount of time and it would break my heart to miss even a single second because of something that doesn't truly matter in the long run. These two babies of mine, and my husband, all mean the most and come first and foremost.

What are your hopes and plans and dreams for the new year?

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