Christmas has always been my most favorite holiday, and now as a mama, it's become even more special to me. Partly because I love seeing little faces light up, partly because I love being a part of helping create memories that will last a lifestyle for my girl, partly because Bella is my Christmas baby, and our other baby will be here any day as well to share in the excitement of the season, and partly because I'm pretty sure I may be a Christmas elf. I love gifting, especially at Christmas time, seeing all of the presents under the tree and Bella run in early on Christmas morning and squeal at the sight that she's presented with. So you can get in on the gifting fun, I'm sharing some of my top picks for little ones below!

Maileg Mouse Toys
Maileg mice are our favorite, just as much my favorite as Bella's if I'm being completely honest. I just LOVE the sweet little mice. They're such old fashioned toys with an heirloom quality and a nostalgic feel, and are perfect for hours upon hours of imaginative play. We first started Bella's little mouse collection last Christmas, and she has played with them SO MUCH. She constantly has little tea parties for them, plays with them in her wooden dollhouse (they work perfectly as dolls for dollhouses since they are the perfect size), and even uses them as room decor when she's not playing with them. These new little carry cots, which remind me of moses baskets (found here and here) and these sweet sleepy wakey mouse babies (here and here) that just released are going to be the absolute perfect addition to her mouse collection this year (though I'm sure a few more little mice will be found under the tree before the holiday shopping season is over with). If you have a little girl who loves dolls, and tiny animals, these are the most perfect gift for her that she will adore for years to come!

I may be slightly obsessed with these beautiful alphabet botanical flashcards from Coley Created, not only are the illustrations hand painted prints but just look at how sweet they are! With Bella heading off to school next year, I'm working hard to keep all the educational things as fresh as I can in her sweet head so school will be a breeze for her. I feel like these flashcards are the perfect way to do it since she loves flashcards so much. A lot of times I'll hand her a stack of flashcards while I'm prepping or cooking dinner, and have her tell me what letter/number/word is written on each one and also the sound it makes/etc. It's the perfect little refresher that we can do even while we're super busy and she loves it!

It's a given that all little girls love jewelry and sparkly things, so I wanted to add a few pieces to Bella's little jewelry collection this Christmas. I felt it was the perfect time, she will be 5 in early December, so she's getting old enough that she is learning how to take care of things, and also loves having jewelry like mommy and is constantly asking to borrow my jewelry, so she will LOVE these beautiful bracelets from Poppy Lane & Co. While these make the perfect stocking stuffer, they would also be perfect in a jewelry box under the tree! I chose this lovely metallic gold bracelet for her (I may have to give this one to her early to war all during the holiday season), as well as this unique black lava rock bracelet and this mother of pearl bracelet. Poppy & Lane Co. even sells adult sizes and I'm thinking I may need to scoop up the mama sized gold bracelet so we can do some mama + mini twinning for the holidays.

I'm always on the lookout for fun new items that will capture Bella's attention and will get played with a ton, and since you know how much I love wooden toys, it might come as no small surprise how much I loved these when I found them! Especially since I had already had my eye on these new magnetic building tiles I'd been hearing about everywhere, but was hesitant to buy since I felt they all looked so flimsy since all the ones I had previously found were made from plastic. I just love how sturdy and high quality these are Earth Tiles Wooden Magnetic Tiles from Big Future Toys are, and since we have such long winters here in Pennsylvania (and we also will have a newborn soon) I have a feeling these will get played with a ton! She's going to have so much fun building with these earth tiles and using her big imagination to create fun things with them!

Every kid loves play dough, and one of our favorite brands is ZDough! I just love that not only is it so much fun to play with, but it also smells amazing, AND doesn't contain who knows what like most play dough. Every batch of play dough is made from common household ingredients like flour, water, salt, cream of tartar, food coloring, essential oils, baking flavors and spices! Let me tell you, they smell good enough to eat (though obviously not meant for eating), but the amazing smells make crafting with it that much more fun! These fun tins full of dough are the perfect stocking stuffer, addition to a gift basket or as a gift all on their very own, and it's a gift that every child (and the child at heart) will love!

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