Burgers are just the best aren't they? An all American tradition and they're kind of just delicious. We have been hearing about this restaurant based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, for the past 3 years, a place called... The Burgatory.

And while we had wanted to check it out for the longest time, somehow we just never got around to stopping in, until earlier this year that is. And since then, our lives have never been the same. We're now Burgatory lovers and rave about the restaurant just like everyone else who raved to us about their food. It is so good.

Honestly, their burgers are epic, life changing, you'll think you died and gone to heaven, love at first bite kind of burgers.

So what are our favorite items on the menu? Give me the Trippin' Chicken burger a million times over. And allllllll the ranch. if you're a ranch snob like me, their ranch is the kind you buy extra of just to take home and possibly eat with a spoon. I mean, not saying I've done that or anything... but I probably couldn't deny it either to be honest. Haha. My husband's favorite is the Farmer Brown burger, and I'm thinking I may have to get that one next burger trip we take. Bella loves the Deuce Burger Deluxe kid's meal (which comes with two mini cheeseburgers). And where do I start with the milkshakes? Oh boy... so rich and creamy and decadent. They're just as good as the burgers! We've tried 4 off the menu and the Campfire S'mores is the way to our hearts every single time.

We've now been multiple times and visited several Burgatory locations and loved each one. The food is amazing, and the service is just as good! Are you in the Pittsburgh area or traveling through? Make sure to stop at the Burgatory and tell them The Joyful Tribe blog sent you!

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