June Favorites

June has been such a difficult month: My Dad unexpectedly passed away on June 2nd so it's all been a very hard to process and things (like my blog) got put on the back-burner for real life (and to be out of state with my mom and siblings for a week earlier this month). I'm trying to get back into the swing of things because I know my Dad would want me to, he was so proud of my blog and photography, so continuing on is one way to honor him and his memory, after all, I wouldn't be doing any of this without the influence and teaching of both him and my mom. I was home-schooled and they taught me all I know about pretty much everything, my Dad was in PR work for a big majority of his life and both him and my mom are excellent at both writing and photography, so it's great to be able to carry something on that he was proud of.

Recently I decided to discontinue my What I'm Loving Wednesday posts, because let's face it, I rarely actually get around to doing a favorites round up post every single week... So please welcome the start of my monthly favorites posts! June Favorites! In this month's Favorites, I'll be sharing some of the items that I gave Frank for Father's Day and some other our other favorites as well, read all about them below!

What better shirt to wear while relaxing on the weekend than a super soft shirt from Weekend Tee Co.? These shirts are perfect for wearing  while enjoying your days off whether it be napping, BBQing, hiking, picnicking, a movie marathon or whatever your hobbies may be. The XL size fits my husband really great and I also have one in a size Medium (unisex size) that fit's me perfectly (I typically wear size Large in women's tees). One thing that I especially love about these shirts is how soft they are, like I don't want to take it off and I kind of really want to wear it every day (who says I can only wear it on the weekends? haha). In all seriousness though, the weekend isn't just the end of the week, it's a lifestyle and a mind set, every evening can be a little "weekend" if you do it right, relaxing or adventuring together with the ones you love. A few other reasons we love the Weekend Tee Co., which was established in 2015, is their attentiveness to detail in their products. They've chosen eco-manufacturing, paper-less and solar-powered facilities, 100% no sweat shop, and their screen printed inks are water based and are applied by hand!

We love clementines and oranges in our home for more than one reason, firstly because they taste seriously delicious, but secondly because my husband and I actually met kind of because our love of oranges (it's a long story) so of course they have a special place in our hearts. That's why I was so excited to find this new brand Clementine Kids! Immediately I was smitten with their sweet designs and pretty prints and their fabrics are the softest. We have the Clementine double sided quilt from Clementine Kids and it's just so cozy, Bella love snuggling up with it for story times, quiet times, traveling and even bedtime some nights. I just love the size (it's a little larger than most children's blankets) so I can even use it as a throw blanket if I want, perfectly covers my legs while sitting in the sofa writing, editing photos or watching a movie. The huckleberry and ice cream quilts are some other favorites of mine, just loving these pretty blankets. Their swaddles and quilts are made from 100% cotton muslin (one of my favorite fabrics), are never bleached and are designed to only get softer with each and every wash (because we all know that little ones can be slightly messy at times haha), they're also machine washable.

We've been fans of the Killer Roasting Co for some time now. My husband says that their coffee is without a doubt the best coffee he's ever tasted, and honestly, I have to agree with him. Their roasts are the absolute best! We just love shopping small whenever we can to support the movers and shakers of small business USA, because we know that we're usually supporting people just like us, parents, husbands and wives, friends. We're so excited to try this new Nicaragua Los Congos roast from the Killer Roasting Co after we loved the Guatemala roast so much last year. I mean, what better way than to start your day with a cup of steaming hot small batch roasted delicious coffee? I can't think of many better ways. We always take our roasts from Killer Roasting Co. to a local cheese and meat store to grind it (we don't own a coffee grinder and hey always so graciously let us borrow their) and they always ask where the coffee is from because it smells so amazing! These bags of roast coffee beans are the best gift, whether it be for a father's day gift (like it was for my hubby), or groomsmen gifts, or birthday gifts, or even stocking stuffers, you totally have to try this coffee.

I've loved the Baby Mama Sew shop for a couple years now, I originally won a shop credit from her way back in 2014, you know, when giveaway loops had just started and were the BIG thing on Instagram, and purchased a pretty little gold and black clutch that I loved for the longest time before passing it it on to a family member. So I was excited to see all of the pretty new clutches in her shop and especially this striped fold over option with the leather bottom. I mean, you can absolutely never go wrong with stripes (especially black and white stripes), or leather for that matter, both such classics, and to pair them together is simply perfection. I also love the fun pop of floral inside of the bag (I mean, floral paired with stripes and leather, omg). You can also purchase the option to have a strap included (making this the cutest little crossbody purse) and other add-ons like leather tassels (how fun, right?). A fun fact, is that they're designed and handcrafted in Hawaii! SO I mean, even if we can't all live i Hawaii, I think we should buy something that came from Hawaii because it makes us a little closer to those gorgeous sandy beaches, palm trees and waves.

We've just been loving these shirts from Charlotte & Ezra. This "Mom Life" tee is one of my go-to tops the past month, it's so cute and I can just throw it on with a cute pair of jeans for a no-nonsense everyday mom look and it's super soft which is a top priority in my book (life's too short not to be comfortable). I always get so many compliments on this shirt when we're out and about, all the moms love it for sure. All of Charlotte & Ezra's tee and screen-printed right here in the USA (Yay!), and I just love the fit of these shirts, flattering in all the right places but still a little flowy and not too tight, simply perfection. My hubby loves wearing his "Jesus loves you more than kanye loves kanye" shirt too, he seriously cracked up when I showed this shirt to him and was like "I need that shirt". Just loving these shirts, make sure to check out the other fun designs they offer as well!

What have you been loving this month? Let me know in the comments below or drop me a note on instagram!

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