Staying Clean With all® free clear + How To Grow A Tomato Tutorial

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Spring and summer are planting time, they're messy and fun time too! It's Mother Earth time, when frazzled parent's and bored littles who have spent all winter cooped up can finally spend hours upon hours out in nature. Spring and summer are also muddy times, and a when some allergens are at their peak... Oh and guess what all of these things combined make for? Yep,  you guessed it... laundry time!
We love being able to do so many outdoor activities as a family during the warmer months, and that is just one reason of many, many reasons why we love all® free clear so much. We've always been regular users of the all® free clear liquid, but when we found ourselves at the store the other day (Walmart to be exact) it dawned on me that we needed more laundry detergent! So when I spotted the all® free clear mighty pacs® I decided to grab them and give them a try since I've been wanting to check them out for awhile.

We love using both the all® free clear liquid AND the all® free clear mighty pacs® because they're great for different things and they're both pretty equally awesome! The regular liquid laundry detergent is perfect for every day use and we use it constantly, like seriously alllllllll the time. But sometimes as a busy mom of an extremely active, adventurous and on-the-go toddler, I'm in a rush and don't have time to measure out the set amount of detergent I need for a load of laundry. And THAT is where my deep love for the all® free clear mighty pacs® comes in to play. All I have to do is grab one of the all® free clear mighty pacs® (or two if the laundry is super dirty as it does sometimes get) and throw it in the washer with the dirty clothing! It makes my job as a full time stay at home mom just that much easier!

Did you know that all® free clear is the #1 detergent recommended by Dermatologists, Allergists AND Pediatricians for Sensitive Skin? So why wouldn't I trust the #1 Sensitive Skin Brand for my family's laundry? As a family with super sensitive skin it gives me so much peace of mind as a mom and wife to know I have a laundry detergent I can trust to not only get the stains and dirt out from a hard day at play, but also give us some protection from quite a few of the most common pet and environmental allergens (including cat and dog dander, dust mite matter, ragweed, grass, and tree pollen). And while all® free clear is not intended to treat or prevent allergies, it definitely helps keep us feeling happier since it takes out 99% of everyday and seasonal allergens while in the wash.
Because all® free clear is free of all fragrances and dyes it keeps us itch and rash free, and is the only brand we buy! all® free clear detergent was awarded the Seal of Acceptance by the National Eczema Association for having no dyes, perfumes, certain chemicals, and irritating residues. Plus when used correctly, according to the directions on the container, it fights tough stains (which we need because we have a toddler), whitens whites (because we have white bedding in our master bedroom), and brightens colors (because we're color lovers)!
Want to know another reason we love, love, love all® free clear? It allows our daughter to simply be free to be a kid, no itchies or rashes on her sensitive, allergic prone skin from being outdoors all day!
She's the sweetest little soul who loves to be playing outside constantly, and she's super excited that we just finished putting in our first garden! She had a blast planting these little tomato seeds and watching them grow! She definitely has a green thumb! We'll transplant her little tomato plant into our raised beds here soon, and we are looking forward to being able to harvest ripe tomatoes from her plant this summer! And what better way to get kiddos interested in eating their veggies than by letting them grow it themselves?!
Would you love to grow something with your little, but don't know where to start? Even if you can't have a garden or raised beds where you live, you can always grow and plant your plant in a large flower pot or bucket.
Tomatoes and flowers are just a couple fun ideas of things you can grow. It's so fun and easy and the perfect way to get in a little quality bonding time!

potting soil (we used organic potting soil)
growing container
seeds of choice
all® free clear detergent or all® free clear mighty pacs®
dirty clothing
lots of love
Fill your growing container (to get started we used a regular sized terra cotta planter) with potting soil. Add your seeds and follow the directions on the seed package for spacing and soil depth. Water your seeds and growing container and set in a warm and sunny place with lots of natural light (a window sill works well). Now it's time to wait! Keep the soil moist (but not too wet) and your seeds should sprout before too long! It just requires a little patience and a whole lotta love. In the meantime you can wash all the clothes that were dirtied in the process with your all® free clear detergent or all® free clear mighty pacs®! :)

What will you wash using all® free clear? All those dirty clothes from gardening, playing and running outside all summer won't even phase us.
To join the conversation with other like-minded all® free clear loving parents, head to the all® free clear hub (found here) and join the all® free clear community (found here)! And don't forget to grab some all® free clear next time you're shopping! :)


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  1. What a fun activity to do with kids! We love to garden together, though I'm not the best teacher in the world! #client