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Neigh! Neigh! Are the words my daughter always says to me when she wants to be carried in our LILLEbaby "CarryOn" carrier.
Everywhere we go, we get comments and compliments on it, and a lot of stares too lol.
So far, the back carry is our most favorite! I'm basically a human horse for our daughter, and I haven't been spared a few jokes from my hubby haha.
Moms and Dad's of toddlers know all too well that grocery shopping with toddler's is usually, well, something along the lines of a nightmare (lol)... and Bella is no exception since she's in that super active stage right now... so active (which is not a bad thing by any means of course). She's such a little adventurer and wants to explore the store on her own two feet, touch every fruit and vegetable and grab onto anything Disney related lol. And she practically scares me to death with the fact that she's always trying to stand up in the cart, and has come close to falling more than once... So that's where the LILLEbaby comes in handy. Shopping has become a breeze! She sits snuggled up so close to me and quietly surveys her surroundings and says "Hi!" to everyone we walk by in the store haha. The difference is amazing, and it leaves my hands free to shop!

The CarryOn is a roomier carrier designed specifically for the growing toddler in mind! It features a not only wider, but taller torso than most carriers and is one of the most versatile toddler carriers being sold.

One of the other reasons we love the LILLEBaby CarryOn toddler carrier is  because it is an ergonomic carrier (which is super important) and it both comfortably and safely carries my child. If you think your kiddos have outgrown being carried but they still love being carried, no worry, this carrier holds littles ranging in size from 20 to 60 pounds! Yay! That means we have several more years of toddler carrying if we want, since at almost 2 and a half, Bella is only around 30 pounds.
It's also great for  so many occasions besides grocery shopping, we like wearing it while taking out the trash, sometimes when carrying the laundry back and forth between our apartment and the laundry room, outdoor festivities, walking around town, going for walks and sometimes when mommy is busy and needs the use of both hands but a little just needs some snuggles.
Babywearing & Toddlerwearing Moms and Dads head over to the LILLEBaby site (here) to find out more and see all the gorgeous prints and styles to choose from!

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