DRESSing for Spring with Ruthie Grace Boutique

Ahhhh, spring! You're FINALLY here at last! One thing I love about the warmer weather approaching is the opportunity to wear adorable dresses without freezing! There's something so nice about feeling a warm breeze sweep past you, gently blowing enough to make your dress dance in the wake of its path, or am I the only one who loves that?

And I'm super picky so for me it's difficult to find dresses that are both beautiful, comfortable AND flattering all at the same time... but these beauties from Ruthie Grace Boutique will steal the show, they check off all of my list of requirements when it comes to a dress and well, they're pretty much perfection.
Oh and they're pretty affordable too!
I recently had a wonderful opportunity to work with the most amazing shop, Ruthie Grace Boutique! I was sent 3 dresses and though they're all beautiful (and I'll highlight and talk about each one a little bit) The Grayson dress has especially stolen my heart.

 It feels so classic and timeless, such a classy cut of dress and the fabric, a chambray is gorgeous. I kind of feel like Joanna Gaines when I wear it for some reason (lol yeah I'm a fan girl, but seriously I think it looks like something she'd wear), oh and did I mention IT HAS POCKETS! Lets all stop and sing "Hallelujah! Hallelujah" in chorus together over that little bit of info, I mean, come on, I'll say it again... pockets!!! *Hallelujah! Hallelujah* (okay I'll stop now lol).
The Grayson can be dressed up with heels or flats for church, a cute pair of Keds or slip-ons for every day wear or another nice occasion and if you're going to the farmer's market for fresh vegetables and blooms it pairs perfectly with Hunter boots! Goodness how cute would this dress be in that setting, just strolling along with a basket of tulips thrown over your arm, don't mind this dress... oh but wait, do mind it because its gorgeous ya'll!

I'm also loving the Maui Wowie dress, I'm such a lover of stripes AND floral too so, yeah, kind of literally obsessed. You'd think with a jersey dress that it'd show all your bumps and lumps but this dress doesn't! I have to say I was impressed with its smoothing qualities! A fun casual dress for sure but could be gussied up a little with a statement necklace and fancier shoes!

And the Bluebonnets dress... Oh myyyy... Remember me saying I loved floral? I kind of want all the things in this fabric. This dress is a looser fitting dress and I love it's twirling capabilities! It's perfect for impromptu dance parties with my little for sure, or one of those random times my hubby grabs me and starts slow dancing to whatever song is playing at the moment. And it's sleeveless which means it's perfect for summer! I'm thinking this dress might need to be worn to a lantern festival this summer!
Oh and a little birdy told me one of these dresses (hint: The Grayson dress) might be on SALE over at Ruthie Grace Boutique starting now so go snag one or two or all three of these gorgeous dresses for yourself! I promise you'll thank me later! XO!


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  1. I am in love with the Maxi dress and hat combo! So stunning lovely.