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These shirts from Loved By Hannah & Eli are literally the most comfortable shirts EVER! And they're ADORABLE too!!! A few of the reasons I love these shirts, other than the huge fact that they're so comfy that we never want to take them off when we wear them, is because of the family theme! 
Papa Bear, Mama Bear, Mama's Little Cub, It's A Mama Bear Thing... these are just the cute designs we have, but Loved By Hannah & Eli has so many other cute, adorable, funny and witty designs as well!
Their products are all so adorable and affordable, comfy and well, just.. perfect! And yeah, I know Christmas is still almost a year away, but you can never plan for the Holidays too soon! Or even Mother's Day, Father's Day, birthdays or new parent presents!
They have something for everyone you know, even the grandparents and Aunts and Uncles! I'm thinking I eventually need to get the Glam-ma Bear Shirt since we have little twin grandboys!
Another (more sentimental) reason I love the "bear" theme that these shirts sport is because when I was B's age, my favorite book was "Little Bear" by Maurice Sendak, and my dad always called me his little bear, it's still one of my favorite childhood books and I'm so excited that she loves it now as well! Nothing like bringing back childhood memories and I've become quite the sentimental since becoming a mama almost 2 years ago.
Loved by Hannah & Eli was started in 2012 by Sarah (a mom just like you and I) right here in the USA, in the sunny state of California to be exact! She has two kiddos which are the "Hannah & Eli" if you hadn't already guessed. ;) Another thing I really love about the Loved by Hannah & Eli brand is that not only is it owned by a mom, but she also employs moms! Moms supporting moms is my favorite!
Wanna see what's going on with Loved by Hannah & Eli? You can follow along on their instagram (here), and don't forget to head to their website (here) and snag some bear shirts for your family!


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