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Boooooo! Boooooooo! Happy (almost) Halloween! This autumn has been so much fun so far (you can follow along with our autumn adventures under the hashtag #autumnwithourtribe on instagram), we've been to the pumpkin patch, the apple orchard, B rode a pony for the first time, went for long country drives, explored quant little shops, taken lots of pictures, dressed cute, wore lots of plaid, baked lots and eaten so many yummy treats! And autumn isn't over yet! We still have so much planned!
But back to dressing cute... I came across this shirt from Swanky Shank on instagram and immediately knew that Bella clearly NEEDED it! I mean just look at it!
You're My Boo! (Seriously, ALL the heart eyes!)

Part of getting married, starting a family and having children is starting traditions! And in addition to all of the fun things I mentioned above, Trick or Treating is one we love too!
Last year she was just a little thing, 10 months old, we weren't planning on taking her out but in a spur of the moment decision we decided to go for it. Thankfully I had all of the stuff to throw together a princess outfit really quick (why, doesn't everyone have the stuff to throw a princess outfit together in under 5 minutes lol) and we were on our way. She clutched her bag so tight and after a few houses got the jest of what it was all about and started holding her bag out herself, with the biggest smile on her little face, she held that bad until it got too heavy and slipped from her tiny fingers (so Daddy carried it). She had the BEST time, so that is why celebrating Halloween and going trick or treating is now part of our family traditions.
This shirt is the epitome of adorable-ness and Halloween wrapped up into one, plus (even though it's a lightweight fabric) it's warm AND it's super cozy! Our daughter loves wearing it everywhere! It was the perfect shirt to wear to the pumpkin patch and while snuggling, snacking and watching Hotel Transylvania this past weekend. Blah-blah-blah. Lol.
And the quality is amazing! Oh and did I mention affordability? They've got you covered! We're definitely a fan of Swanky Shank and plan on becoming regular customers and telling everyone about them! They ship super fast too!
There's nothing scary about this shirt, nope, nothing but cuteness here! Not just Halloween, they have every Holiday and every event covered, and then some! Go check out their whole line of clothing, I know you're going to love them as much as we do!
Want to check out their stuff or snag a piece for your kiddo? Use code BESTFRIENDS for 15% off! Happy Shopping and Happy Halloween!

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