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Recently I had the great opportunity to work with Hello Apparel and try out one of their t-shirts... and Hellloooo Comfort! I chose the Hello Floral Asphalt Poly-Cotton T-Shirt and not only is the shirt absolutely adorable, but it is super cute and super soft; it seems to get softer with every single wash! I love the floral cursive lettering and grey has always been one of my favorite colors (or "shades" rather?).

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The only thing I would really change about this shirt is that I wish it was a slightly more "feminine" cut of clothing, I tend to gravitate towards V-necks and cap sleeves the most, but if I roll the sleeves up a little it takes care of the sleeves issue and I just get over the neckline lol.

I paired it with an old pair of shorts, slip on shoes that I'm always wearing, and my glasses too of course. I don't wear my glasses too often, though I probably should (if I ever run into you at the store and I'm squinting, I promise I don't hate you, I'm just very nearsighted haha). It turned out to be an adorable clothing combo, slightly nerdy, but a cute-nerdy haha. I cant stop wearing this shirt, I wash it, and throw it right back on again as soon as its out of the dryer!
Also, I am so excited for autumn fast approaching and can't wait to pair this tee with a cardigan, jeans and boots! So many possibilities with this shirt! If you want to get this shirt (or any of their other adorable clothes, check out that red "hello" sweater) you can find more here and here. You can also find them on instagram at @helloapparel!

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