Keeping Your Children, Yourself & Your Marriage Safe On Social Media

Social media safety...
Unfortunately it weighs more and more on our minds each day as more and more of us share our daily lives (or at least bits and pieces of our lives) on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Tumbler, Pinterest and even Blogger and Word Press, among all the many other social media outlets that keep popping up that I don't even know of...

So I've compiled a list of a few suggestions (that I personally use) to keep in mind when online and using social media.
1. Don't geo-tag.
Especially when at home or somewhere often frequented. This is a big one since on instagram if you geo tag, everyone can see literally exactly where you are. And I know I definitely don't want just anyone and everyone in the world to know exactly where you live!
2. Don't take post photos of or tag schools.
This is just as bad as geo tagging photos from home. Here's a scenario (imagining my daughter as school age)... I take my child to school, snap a cute picture of her in front of the school, send her off to class and post the picture. I accidently get the name of her school in there, or on Facebook tag the school and Boom! Now everyone knows the exact location of my child while I'm away! So completely NOT safe! Not saying it wouldn't be okay to post a photo taken of her at school, I would just want to make sure that there weren't any school name or standout landmarks present in the photo.
3. Be wary of strangers.
No I'm not saying you necessarily need to have your Instagram profile set on private; My Instagram is public, but I also block a lot of people too. Look shady? Blocked. Looks like a fake account? Blocked. Have 0 posts, follow a lot of people and are set as private? Blocked. Have 0 posts, follow a million people who are only mothers or child models or child feature pages? Definitely blocked.

Also, on my personal Facebook, I don't accept random strangers! Even though I usually don't post too much overly personal stuff on there, there's still more private information about me and my family on there than is usually on instagram. 
4. Don't post suggestive photos.
Really, 'nuff said.
I also try to steer clear of posting pictures of our daughter wearing only her diaper, etc. just to be on the safe side.
5. Don't have a board on Pinterest called "Hot Hunks" or "Smokin" Babes") or anything even closely related).
I see people in relationships/married do this quite often and not only the fact I "just don't get it" it makes me sad.
 I mean personally if I were single it probably wouldn't really matter, but since that's not the case and I am happily married, not only do I not want any kind of thing like that, it just wouldn't be smart for my marriage and as a married woman I have no business having anything like that!

6. Don't put everything on social media.
Some things are best kept private. I let people know what they need to know and don't always go into the fine details. Yes, when I have a bad day sometimes I will post something about it, not to get attention, but because sometimes I just need encouragement, the instagram community I have found is a wonderful group of ladies who constantly lift each other up when someone is down or something happens and I think that is a beautiful thing... But seriously, no one really cares that you ran out of hot water during your morning shower this am. Haha. ☺

That all being said, these are only suggestions that I go by myself while online and using social media (not in any way to taken as me telling you what to do).

What do you do to keep safe online and on social media? I'd love to hear any tips you might have if you'd like to leave a comment below. :)

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