A to Z (Being A Mama of 3): A Guest Blog With Kassie From The Freshly Brewed

Hello, I'm Kassie and I blog over at freshlybrewed.

I'm a lifestyle blogger, so I pretty much blog about whatever I want, but mostly I blog about my faith and my family.

I've been married to my husband for 4 years and together we have three little ones - Braden (almost 4), Maeva (2), and Sutton (almost 9 months).

I'm excited to be here sharing in April's space!
I just love the pictures she snaps of her little Bella. I can definitely see the love she has for her and her whole family!

Today, I'm happy to share with you a little about being a mama of three from A to Z!

Being a mama to three little ones always takes lots of action!
Often I'm just trying to survive and wish we could sit on the couch and watch PBS all day,
but three little ones are full of so much action, that mama has to be too!

The one that first made me a mama. My only boy (so far)!
So loving to his mama and such a good big brother to his sisters!

Somebody is usually always crying, fussing or whining.
It's usually because they aren't getting their way and it's usually the middle child!

I often find myself asking, "Where is daddy?!" because I could always use some help!
The kids often want their daddy too because they love him so much!

Again, this one is for me. I often feel the need to escape.
Most of the time it's to my room with Netflix while the kids are napping.
However, I often wish it was running out the door and far far away! ;)
Sometimes I just escape to the closet for five minutes. Especially on really rough days!

Someone is always hungry.
It doesn't matter if they just ate ten minutes ago, they are starving!
They always "want a snack!" and I pretty much always feel like I'm making food!

I give lots and lots of hugs around here!
They ask for them. I ask for them.
They also ask to be held a lot.
I don't mind it... it may just be one of my favorite things!

Insane asylum.
The thought that I may end up in one, one day often passes through my mind.
Motherhood definitely makes me feel crazy almost every day, multiple times a day.

It is the biggest joy to be their mama.
I may struggle with feeling it daily, but when I sit back and really look at life,
it is the biggest joy because as much as they make me want to run away and cry,
they make me smile and laugh so much more! They are the light in dark moments!

I don't know everything, but I've grown as a mama since having three babies.
We definitely made some mistakes with each child, but learn more and more as we go.
They teach me a lot and with each kid I think I figure out how to be better!

With every single child I've worried about whether or not I'd have enough love for each child.
Is there enough of me? Can I love more than I already do?
The heart grows and there's definitely so much love for my children.
I love them more than I can explain! They are my world!

My middle child. The girl that is wild and crazy!
She's the one that makes us feel like we're going to lose it, but we love her all the same!

With three kiddos someone always needs something.
Food, a nap, a toy, to be held, to watch TV, to use the iPad, on and on.
I'm thankful I get to stay home with them and give them the things they need and want!
It may be crazy and not so restful, but I love it!

I'm one of those people that want things to go my way, but I've had to change a lot when it comes to being a mama! I have to be open to change and things not going my way at all. Welcome to parenthood!

Having a relationship with God is the one thing that keeps me sane! I know that without Him I would really suck at this whole mom thing! I have a constant conversation going on with Him in my head. I need Him (and coffee) daily to get through this whole mom thing!

Quiet time.
One thing I make sure happens almost daily! I need me time everyday, even if it's just thirty minutes.
My oldest doesn't take a nap, but he does go to his room to play with trains for a bit! It helps me to take care of me and be a better mama for them! I encourage this no matter how many babies you have!

There's always somebody running!
Braden and Maeva like to run laps in the kitchen and I let them because they are getting exercise and having fun! I'm sure someday Sutton will join them!

My baby girl. Possibly our last.
The third one feels like the easy one and I think it's because we're a bit more knowledgeable! ;)

Testing my limits.
I'm pretty sure the kids get together and think how can we drive our parents crazy today?!
Braden telling me he doesn't want to use the potty or crying because he wants the iPad.
Maeva screaming her head off just because she feels like it. She's so emo.
I feel like with three there's always someone pushing my buttons!
Except when they are asleep because goodness, then they are all so cute!

It's weird to be a mom. Often I find myself asking, "These are mine? I have three kids?"
Wasn't I just outside running around at the age of eight? Life sure does fly by and I am so thankful that God chose me to have these babies. As hard as it can be, I really wouldn't change it!

All of my kids are full of life and high spirited. Especially when they are together!
They always giggling, yelling, running, playing, and being SO LOUD.
That's one thing that's definitely different from having just one or two kids - it is SO LOUD ALL THE TIME.

Our house can, at times, feel like a battle ground.
Toddlers have their own opinions about things and want things to go exactly their way.
I guess babies are the same and you can't really reason with them!
If things aren't happening the way they want it feels like a wars about to break out.
I'm often on the losing side especially if all the kids are upset at the same time!

EXciting (that's the best I could do;).
The kids are always learning new things and that's one thing I love about being a mama!
I love to see the kids grow and learn about life! Braden can tell me so many trains from Thomas the train and it just leaves me amazed! I couldn't remember all of those! Maeva talks non-stop and it's amazing to see how much she can say and understand! Sutton started crawling earlier than I remember the other two doing so! I love the exciting moments of watching them grow! Makes me so proud to be their mama!

You crazy!
We say that a lot around here! The kids are just crazy, especially when together!
If I have Braden or Maeva by themselves they are so good and well behaved.
Put them together and it's crazy town, but they sure do love one another!

It's a zoo around here! Come stop by and see!
There's so many things I could say about being a mama to three little ones.
So many words could describe it. These are just little bits and pieces about how it is with my kids.
It's hard to be a mama. No matter the number of kids you have, but I'm thankful for all of them.
They've changed my heart and made me grow more than I could have imagined. I know they will continue to do so! Even though it's the hardest job in the world, it really is the best!

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