Little Goose’ Wonderful Day

Recently I wrote a short children's story and though this is a little different than what I usually share on my blog Bella seemed to enjoy it very much and I wanted to share so all your little's could enjoy it as well!

 Little Goose woke up bright and early, just as the sun was rising over the hills.
Little Goose got up and waddled into her parents room, “Mommy! Daddy! Can we go swimming?”
Not yet Little Goose” Mommy Goose said, “we have to eat breakfast first”!
Little Goose followed Mommy Goose into the kitchen and watched as she made breakfast while Daddy Goose got ready for work. “Can I help?” Little Goose asked.
“Of Course!” Mommy Goose replied as she handed her plates to set the table with.
Mommy Goose was making a fruit salad, “would you like to help carry breakfast to the table Little Goose?”
“Yes Mommy! I love helping you!”
Little Goose carried the fruit salad to the table oh so carefully and watched Mommy Goose serve it as Daddy Goose waddled into the kitchen and sat down.
“1 scoop for Little Goose, 2 scoops for Mommy Goose and 3 scoops for Daddy Goose!”
“Something smells good” Daddy Goose said, “Little Goose, will you please bless our food before we eat?”
“God, Please bless this food and keep us all safe today, thank you, amen!”
“Very Good Little Goose!” Mommy Goose said, “we are very proud of you!”
The fruit salad was delicious! Little Goose especially like the bananas!
After they were finished eating and everyone helped clean the table and do the dishes, Mommy Goose and Little Goose kissed Daddy Goose and seen him off to work.
“Stay safe Daddy Goose! We love you!” they cried as Daddy Goose waddled off down the road to work.
“Can we go swimming now?” Little Goose asked.
“Not yet Little Goose, what do we always do after we eat?”
"Brush our beaks!” Little Goose shouted!
“That's right!” Little Goose’ Mommy praised!
Little Goose brushed her beak till it sparkled and shined, then made her bed, and cleaned her floor!
“What are you doing Little Goose?” Her Mommy asked.
“I brushed my beak, and decided to make my bed and my toys were on the floor so I decided to put them away”.
Mommy Goose was so proud of her Little Goose! “Little Goose, I am so proud of you! Doing helpful things without even being told means you’re growing up! Would you like to go swimming now?”
Little Goose jumped for joy! She’d been wanting to go swimming all day! “Hurray!” Little Goose shouted! “We get to go swimming!”.
Little Goose and Mommy Goose made sure to put sun-block on before heading out so their feathers wouldn’t get burnt in the bright, bright sun and waddled down to the pond.
They splashed and swam and swam and splashed some more! They had so much fun!
After a few hours they waddled back home, Little Goose took a bath while Mommy Goose made dinner and Daddy Goose waddled through the door from a busy day at work.
After Little Goose was finished washing herself she carefully got out of the bath, dried her feathers off, put her pajamas on and waddled into the kitchen.
She helped Mommy Goose set the table again and after a wonderful dinner of yellow corn, helped Mommy and Daddy Goose dry the dishes.
“Little Goose, Since you’ve been such a good Little Goose today, why don’t you go brush your beak and play with your toys till bedtime” Daddy Goose said.
Little Goose waddled to her room and had such a fun time playing with all her toys!
“Little Goose, It looks like you’re having so much fun! Can we play with you?” Daddy and Mommy Goose asked as they peaked into her room.
“I Love when you play with me!” Little Goose said.
They all played with Little Goose’ toys on her floor together, till little Goose started yawning... and yawning... and yawning...
“I think its past a Little Goose’ bedtime!” said Mommy Goose.
Mommy and Daddy Goose helped Little Goose put her toys away, tucked her into her bed and gave her a goodnight kiss as she drifted off to sleep.
“Goodnight our Little Goose, We love you”.
The End.

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