I LOVE Christmas, it's my favorite holiday, and while summer may be my favorite season, there's no denying how much I truly love the holiday season. The twinkling lights, Christmas music, decorations, scents of evergreen and warm baked goods, giving gifts... There's just so much to love about the holiday season, and with everyone looking for gifts for loved ones and friends, I've created a list of some of my favorite items that are perfect for gifting to give you a hand while searching for that perfect gift! Stoked to share my 2023 Holiday Gift Guide for Her below! Merry Christmas!

I'm in my bedazzle everything era and I don't hate it. Blame Taylor Swift if you will, but it'd cover everything in disco balls if I could. Macrame is also something I've always been (and always will be) fond of, so mixing disco and macrame? Like are you kidding? It's absolute genius and I am here for it! Rosie The Wanderer is a local South Carolina artist based in Charleston and she makes the most stunning pieces, like this Disco Ball Macrame Hanger for instance! I could not think of a better way to add a little sparkle to your life. This fancy piece would be perfect on a front porch, in a sun room, or even your bedroom window (let that light in and see it scatter across your entire world with this gorgeous thing)! This pretty piece is sure to make anyone smile and makes the perfect gift. It's customizable too which makes it even cooler! Choose from 10 different colors for your macrame to be crafted from, and choose just the hanger (if you have already your own disco ball) or have her include a disco ball and have the entire thing shipped to you! She has so many other beautiful pieces available to purchase, including this Disco Ball Keychain, Macrame Disco Ball Suncatcher Chandelier, Macrame Fruit Hammock, Macrame Yoga Mat Strap, Macrame Guitar Hanger. If you need boho decor, disco ball hangers, and all things macrame, make sure to head HERE to check out Rosie The Wanderer!

I love candles so much, but sadly most candles give me a headache or make me feel under the weather, so there are sadly very few candle brands I trust. I always gravitate towards candles that are made from natural and clean ingredients, and beeswax are some of the best candles out there. I came across these awesome beeswax candles from Wellness by Ari earlier this year and I'm so excited to share about them with you. Wellness by Ari Candles are crafted with beeswax, coconut oil, hemp wicks, and essential oils, and smell so good, in addition to having great benefits! Why beeswax? Beeswax burns brighter, cleaner, and longer than traditional candles. When heated, beeswax releases negatively charged ions that cling to the positive ions in the air (such as dust, pet dander, mold, pollen, and other pollutants) weighing them down to surfaces which helps keep the air clean and fresh. Beeswax candles are perfect for those with allergies, asthma, or sensitivities to strong scents. I also love that they use essential oils to scent the candles instead of artificial fragrances! I chose the Grapefruit and Patchouli Candle, and am so excited to start using it! Grapefruit is one of my favorite tastes and scents (and I also love the earthy scent of patchouli, so it's the perfect candle for us! It also has notes of ylang ylang, which is a really pretty floral scent. These candles make the perfect gift for anyone who loves candles, but who also may be a bit more sensitive to fragrance. If you're in the market for a holiday scented candle, check out their Christmas Tree Beeswax Candle, or if you're especially sensitive to scents (even natural ones) but still want the benefits of a beeswax candle, check out their Unscented Candle! You can find all Wellness by Ari Candles HERE!

I'm so excited to reintroduce Subset! Formerly known as Knickey, Subset is without a doubt, my most favorite brand of intimates! Their underwear are the most comfortable thing I've ever worn, and they are the ONLY undies I wear. Their quality is amazing, they last for years, hold their shape well, and come in the best colors (I adore the Meridian color). Since changing their name, they've also branches out to include more in their lineup, from undies and bras, to lounge wear, they also offer maternity items, and even items for men now! My all time favorite are their Organic Cotton High Rise Briefs, when I tell you, these are everything... everything, and you 100% need them! Like, they will positively change your life with not only the comfort level, but also the fact that they are created from organic cotton. Organic cotton is such a game changer when it comes to intimates, and it's so important to not skimp on quality when it comes to something that will be touching your body (especially the most delicate parts of your body 24/7. Most cotton is treated with pesticides and toxins while being grown, but organic cotton while first and foremost being free of chemicals, is typically grown in better, healthier soil, which in turn grows higher (and better for you) quality cotton. Organic farming practices are also typically more sustainable, which is better for the environment. Did you know, organic cotton creates 46% fewer greenhouse gas emissions than conventional cotton growing methods simply because they don't use harmful chemicals and toxins (they also use fewer mechanical farming practices). Subset undies are created with 95% Certified Organic Cotton and 5% elastane for stretch. Their Organic Cotton Tank Bralette is another one of my favorites, and I am super stoked to try out their lounge wear! I chose the Organic Cotton Classic Tee (in Stone) and their Organic Cotton Soft Short (also in Stone). Head HERE to check out their collection of products and grab your own organic cotton goodies!

I love surfing, but even though we live in a warmer climate than we used to, it still gets fairly cold here in South Carolina in the winter, which unfortunately means the water gets cold. I guess its a good thing I don't mind the cold, but a wetsuit and springsuit are necessities during the colder months of the year. A wetsuit is perfect for late autumn and winter, and a springsuit is perfect for early autumn and spring, when you still need warmth, but it's too warm for a full suit. I've been on the search for the perfect spring suit for awhile, but unfortunately most of the larger surf brands aren't very inclusive in sizing. One brand in particular got off women's sizing at size 8 (and wetsuits usually run small anyway), it was a disappointment to say the least, to find a cute wetsuit or springsuit only to discover that it didn't come in my size. Thankfully there are some brands that cater to EVERY BODY and created wetties for women of all sizes. One of those brands, Made For It, is a small company based out of Perth, Australia who have created wetsuits, shortie springsuits, bikini cut springsuits and surfsuits for women of every shape and size. Our bodies were made to move and women shouldn't be held back from engaging in activities they love or trying new activities just because mainstream brands don't cater to people of every body type. That's why I was so excited to find Made For It, they are sizing inclusive and have a community mindset where everyone can come to feel included and belong. Not only that, their products are CUTE! I mean, can you even, with this this aqua shortie suit? It's cute, comfortable and functional. Easy to get on and off, easy to zip up and unzip, feels great in the water, and I have no trouble paddling while wearing their shortie suit. Their suits are also created with the environment in mind, and instead of being created with traditional neoprene (which is created using petroleum), and their custom colors are sublimated onto 2mm limestone Yamamoto neoprene! Limestone neoprene is also 30% warmer and has 30% more stretch than regular petroleum-based neoprene, and they are glued, blind stitched and reinforced for extra comfort and durability. If you've been looking for a cute and size inclusive wetsuit, head HERE to check them out and get yours!

Everyone loves coffee, am I right? Well, maybe not everyone, but at least a huge percentage of the world's population enjoys it weekly, if not daily. I may not drink coffee every single day, but I love nothing more than a good cup of coffee. I love strong tasting coffee with lots and lots of creamer haha, and I'm really super stoked to share one of our household favorite's brands, Death Wish Coffee Company! Their coffee is so good, and it's great that it can be purchased so many different places (many grocery stores carry it, but you can also grab it directly from their website here). I'm also in love with all things coconut so I'm really excited to out this new Coconut Carmaul Roast from Death Wish Coffee! With the aroma of toasted coconut, toasted coconut blends with notes of sweet caramel to create a decadent and balanced flavor profile. It's the perfect way to start your day for anyone who loves coconut. Their Dark Roast Coffee is one of my husband's favorite coffees. His morning isn't complete without a cup (or 2) of this awesome coffee. It's a very strong roast with notes of dark chocolate and black cherry, and after you drink this, well, if you weren't a morning person before, you definately are now! Haha. All of Death Wish's coffee is USDA Organic and Fair Trade Certified, made from arabica and robusta coffee beans from India, Peru, and other countries throughout South and Central America. Death Wish Coffee Company was created in 2012, was as a homage to living life to the absolute fullest extent, never backing down and going full send in all aspects of life, and honestly that's a sentiment I can get behind. You can find all of their roasts and blends HERE!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

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