My husband always insists he doesn't need anything for Christmas, and always tells me to just get gifts for the kids and myself... but every year, like any good wife would, I completely ignore him (hahaha) and make sure he gets something he'll like, because let's face it, dudes deserve nice and thoughtful gifts too! So if your husband/boyfriend/fiancé/dad/uncle/etc.is anything like my husband and say they don't want anything, make sure you ignore them, because chances are, they really don't mean it, and this gift guide is the perfect way to find some cool, new (and useful) gifts for them that they'll love for years to come!

We find ourselves at the beach 4 to 5 times a week, so we've found ourselves at times in need of extra gear that we hadn't needed before when we just visited the beach on vacation, versus actually living here like we do now. One of those things we've discovered that's super nice to have, is a changing poncho! They're nice to throw on when it's windy or chilly out, when you're changing into or out of swimwear, or just for throwing on top of wet swim or surf wear on the drive home from the beach. My husband has been wanting a poncho for awhile (after he realized how great the one he gifted to me earlier this year was), so needless to say, I'm pretty stoked for him to find this one from Nomadix under the tree for Christmas this year. He's actually had his eye on this Baja Aqua Poncho Towel for awhile and he mentioned to me that it reminded him of the years he lived in Arizona, so this will not only be a great way to give him something that's not only practical, and something that will be used on a regular basis, but also something that will remind him of good memories made while living out west. Some things I love about the Baja Aqua Poncho Towel is that it is a 3-in-1 product: it's of course a changing poncho but also a towel, but also can turn into a beach blanket (the hood even doubles as an umbrella hole! It's made with post consumer certified recycled materials (1 poncho towel = 66 water bottles), it's sand resistant, quick dry, super absorbent, pet hair resistant, it has button closure to allow for changing on the go, and comes in a ton of colors! Nomadix has so many styles available for everyone, and sizes for every age and every body. Head HERE to shop and check out all of their styles!

Do you love taking your music on the go? We do! We never really had that option before this year because we didn't have a portable speaker, but over the summer we purchased a Speaqua portable speaker from Good Vibes Surf Shop (in Surfside Beach, South Carolina) and we were so stoked to finally be able to listen to our favorite songs, anywhere, anytime! Wanna know one of my favorite things about them? They are 100% waterproof!! They're also shock proof, sand proof, floatable, dust proof, Bluetooth enabled, BUT you can also store up to 2,00 songs on them if you'd rather not take your phone with you! They have a 4-in-1 mounting system (the suction on the bottom is my current favorite way, but it's also removable), and dual speaker pairing, which I am super stoked to try after Christmas! Things that make this speaker even cooler? They have an 8 hour battery life, are water play enabled (this thing was so much fun to bring to the pool and beach this past summer) which enables you to play and listen to your favorite songs anywhere, with or without your phone). It also has a speakerphone! Honestly, the features just keep going, this is one cool little speaker, not to mention for as small as it is, it packs a powerful punch and has a great sound! We have the Barnacle Pro in Pelagic (such a pretty color) and I'm stoked to give this new Barnacle Vibe 2.0 in Stone to Frank for Christmas, I know he's going to be so excited to have more than one so we can both listen to our music (and so he can also play music on this and play his guitar along with it). Speaqua has so many cool colors and several more styles available, check them all out HERE!

I love that there are so many things in nature that can be used medicinally, CBD is one of those things that we started using last year and are such a big fan of. One of our most favorite brands, Coastal Green Wellness, is actually local to us here in the Myrtle Beach area! It was great going from purchasing online to actually being able to go in person to one of their locations to shop. There are very few brands I actually trust when it comes to CBD, and Coastal Green Wellness is at the top of that list. They'll give you any info you need, and are super knowledgeable and always available to answer any and all questions related to CBD at any time, whether that be in person at one of the Grand Strand locations (located in Market Commons, and North Myrtle Beach, as well as a separate location in ----- Georgia), or online through social media or email! We've used their tinctures for well over a year and a half and loved them (especially for anxiety and similar issues), this 1200MG Full Spectrum CBD Oil Tincture one is one we love and I highly recommend. This Nature's Way 500MG Pain Cream is one of my absolute favorite products of all time, it not only does wonders for muscle pain and tenderness, but also works fantastic for headaches! When I had my concussion this summer (from jumping into the pool backwards and it was shallower than I thought, ya know, yolo haha) I was suffering from some extremely intense headaches and neck pain, concussion symptoms are no joke and my neck muscles were so tense from it, this not only helped my neck feel better, but my headache also was less severe for a few hours after applying and I was able to rest (I sure love when products pull double duty). They have many more awesome products (gummies for example, that are awesome for the entire fam) that you can find in store at one of the locations I mentioned above, or on their website HERE that you can shop from anywhere and have it shipped right to your door! Make sure to use JOYFULTRIBE15 for 15% off all Coastal Green and Dankadence products!

One thing we always need here is sunscreen! We're in the sun a lot on the beach and of course the water reflects the sun making it even stronger. This past summer, we found that the days we spent out in the water the whole day, versus sitting or walking on the beach, we were always burnt more (even when we applied sunscreen multiple times), so I brought out the big guns and asked a bunch of seasoned surfers in a group on Facebook which sunscreen they found to be the best, and over half of the comments said the same thing: Surf Durt! What is Surf Durt? Well according to them, it's like regular sunscreen, but better! What makes Surf Durt better though? I asked myself the same question, so I delved into the ingredients and what makes them, ya know, them... and I have to say, I'm pretty impressed! First off, Surf Durt contains only 10 ingredients and each one of those 10 ingredients have easy to read names and half of them are certified organic! Surf Durt is all natural, reef-safe (a huge huge thing), zinc based sunscreen with an SPF of 30, plus it comes in a reusable bamboo container that is has an aluminum lining inside (reusable and up-cyclable to create less waste polluting our earth). It is high performance (hence why it was recommended by so many surfers), offers broad spectrum UV protection, boasts a water resistance time of 80 minutes (because let's face it, we all hate reapplying sunscreen, so the less I have to apply it, the better). It's also cruelty free and made right here in the USA (in California). Just how important is it to use sunscreen that is reef-safe though? According to studies, chemicals in sunscreen bleach and kill coral reefs, impairs growth of algae, causes birth defects in mussels and accumulates in dolphins (which then transfers to their young when they are born), gives unnatural characteristics to fish and harms their reproductive systems, and damages the immune systems of sea urchins. Not to mention toxic chemicals from sunscreens seep into your bloodstream in just a few seconds after slathering it on, they have also been found in human breast milk, and there are concerns that it causes hormone disruption in some people. I think it's a good time to take a good long look at the ingredients and products we all put on our skin, demand better for ourselves, our children and our planet, and that all starts with supporting the people who actually care and offer products worth buying, like Surf Durt! They even donate a portion of all sales to environmental charities! Find all of their products HERE! Use JOYFULTRIBE15 for 15% off during checkout!

Rambler is another local place that I've fallen in love with here in Myrtle Beach. They are a moto-outdoors inspired men's specialty shop with a focus on American made, quality, adventure ready goods for the men in your life, and let me tell you, if you are ever gift shopping for a man, Rambler is 100% the place you should be. I love the vibe of the store, it's earthy, makes me want to go camping, snuggle up in a cozy wool blanket while wearing a flannel, and sitting around a campfire while sipping warm coffee... It's just such a good vibe. While in Rambler, you'll discover the most perfect gifts at all price points, from tee shirts, flannels, jackets, wool blankets, grills and charcoal, handmade soaps, to hair/body/skin care for men, spices and sauces, accessories, drinkware, decor, pants, footwear, bags, hats and so much more. Last time I was there, I picked up a new handmade soap for Frank (one of the best, most universally usable gifts I love to give), along with a new flannel shirt! I absolutely love my husband in flannels in the fall and winter, I got him a Pendleton flannel from Rambler last year and this year I chose this Howler Brothers flannel. The color combinations of aqua, teal and brown flannel immediately caught my eye and I knew he had to have this one. It gives me all the surfy autumn vibes which I of course love. Pair it with a pair of khakis and a beanie and you've got a great outfit for family photos or for everyday life! The fabric is so buttery soft and so warm, it come with reinforced elbows, custom metal buttons, a hunters yoke on the right shoulder, it also has a small microfiber cloth stitched right to the inside of the hem so you can clean your glasses on the go (how seriously awesome is that?). If you're local here in Myrtle Beach or anywhere near Peoria, Illinois (where they have a second location), head to Rambler, check out their selection and scoop up a few gifts for the men in your life. If you're based anywhere else in the United States, you can shop their website and find all of their awesome products HERE!

My all time favorite thing to gift to my husband, for really any occasion, is coffee! Not only is it just an enjoyable gift because it tastes great, but because you start your morning with a big mug of it, it's something that has multiple servings and can be used quite a few times, it can be shared with family and friends, and when it's gone, it's gone. It's not something that will stay around forever collecting dust on a shelf after the newness has worn off, you consume it, enjoy it and buy more for the next gifting occasion. So as I'm sure you can already imagine, over the course of the past few years, my husband has tried many, many different coffees (haha). This year, I kept it local with one of our absolute favorites, Beach Hippie Coffee! I not only love supporting locals, but they are my absolute favorite coffee shop of all time. They have the best vibe at their shop, surf decor and local art all around the entire place and all of their employees always have the biggest friendly smiles on their faces every time I'm in. Their coffee is the real star though, and their "Longboard" coffee is to die for (I always get it iced with coconut milk), it tastes similar to an almond joy candy bar, layered with flavors of espresso, chocolate and coconut (not only my favorite scent ever, but one of my favorite flavors of all time). Thankfully though, even if you're not local, you can still try all things Beach Hippie Coffee via their website! They sell bags of their coffee beans (with 8+ roasts and origins available to choose from) as well as lots of super rad merch (like tees, hats, sweatshirts, stickers, mugs, can glasses and more)! I can't wait to give Frank one of their 1 lb. bags of "Tanzania Peaberry" origin coffee for Christmas this year, as well as one of their Beach Hippie Beanies (that's super soft and cozy) and one of their new 16 oz. Can Glasses (which is good for both hot and cold drinks). You can head HERE to check out all of their goods and scoop up your favorites to gift to your favorite people! Use JOYFULTRIBE10 for 10% off during online checkout!

I really love pottery and I've always been fascinated by the way it's created, from a hunk of clay, into beautiful creations of art in all colors, shapes and sizes. Hand made, wheel thrown or hand built, I think it's all just awesome, and what I really love is that due to the handmade nature of it all, each and every single piece is unique and slightly different than the last, no matter how much a potter tries to make them exactly the same, they will still always be slightly unique in nature (kinda like us humans). Last fall while walking through one of our local farmers markets, I was lucky enough to cross paths and meet Rebecca from Rooted Beauty Pottery! She is a former school teacher who followed her heart to pursue her art and is now a local pottery artist who makes beautiful nature inspired creations, and also teaches pottery classes for all ages at her studio! Her work at Rooted Beauty Pottery is all so beautiful and makes me think of a nice long walk in the forest, under a canopy of pine trees, mushrooms peaking out to say hello, and coming upon a clearing with a deep pool of shining blue-green water... Okay, maybe I waxed poetic, but just look at her website with all of her pretty handmade pieces and try to tell me you don't get the same vibes?! She was so kind to drop this beautiful handmade pottery mug off for me recently and I'm really excited to give it to my husband for Christmas this year (it's going to go perfectly  with the coffee I'm giving him). If mugs aren't your thing, she has some of the most beautiful handmade plates I've ever seen available right now (like this "Pistachio" dinner plate that would make a perfect mini charcuterie board for the holiday season), as well as some absolutely beautiful pottery Christmas ornaments (currently crushing hard on this "Deep Sea Snowflake" ornament)! Head HERE to check out all the current Rooted Beauty Pottery inventory! Use TRIBEGUIDE10 for 10% off!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

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