Happy Friday friends! It's the day after Thanksgiving and it's officially the Holiday season! Pretty excited about Christmas being less than a month away and I'm especially stoked to share this first installment of my 2021 Holiday Gift Guides with you guys, my gift guide for kids! These gift guides truly are a labor of love (usually by the time I hit publish on them, I've worked on them for over 6 months) but I truly love finding amazing brands both big and small to share with you and I love this year's collection... so without further ado, here is my Holiday Gift Guide for Kids, filled with items perfect for kids of every age, you're sure to find something for every kiddo on your to-buy-for list. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

I've discovered some really amazing brands over the years on Instagram, and Old Coast Co. is one you can definitely add to the awesome list. They are a US made brand, with every item being hand made in sunny coastal California, and are a brand with little ones, mamas, sea seekers, and swell chasers in mind. Ya know, my kinda shop, and I am here for all of the ocean loving, California surf vibe goodness. They sell so many adorable items, like this "Wild as the Sea" Banner that is going to be perfect in our new home (I haven't decided just where I'll put it yet, either Bella's room of Bodhi's room). I'm also pretty obsessed with all of their adorable tee shirts, this "Pray for Surf" tee is seriously the cutest ever, and this "Chasing Swells" tee is one I definitely need one in my size. Old Coast Co. has that perfect something for all of your gifting needs, from tees and sweatshirts and onesies to home decor (like art prints and banners) to personalized sketch books and leather alphabet mats to handmade resin letters! Their shop is just the coolest! Shop all of their rad items HERE!

In addition to being obsessed with all things nature, ocean, surf and skateboarding, our family also loves music! One little known fact about me is that my Dad actually owned and operated a recording studio for most of my childhood! It was so cool being exposed to so may different kinds of music and meeting so many people from so many different walks of life and from all over the world. Growing up, I played the drums (and am currently picking up ukulele) and my husband played the guitar, you could say music flows through our kiddos veins. They love singing and listening to music and playing music, so we decided it was time for them to finally have their own instruments! I came across Loog Guitars a few years ago and loved the look of them, they are such cool instruments and the quality is really great! Bodhi is getting the Loog Pro VI Acoustic for Christmas, and Bella is beyond stoked that she is going to be getting the Loog Ukulele for Christmas (or maybe her birthday since she already knows about it haha). So many different style guitars and colors to choose from, if you're shopping for a little musician this Christmas, you'll have no trouble finding the perfect gift for them with Loog. They have something for every different level of musical learning (even electric guitars) and every guitar comes with flashcards, an app that has everything you need to learn the guitar, and Loog even hosts FREE live lessons via zoom! Find your perfect guitar (or ukulele) HERE!

Bela has been asking for a watch for, well, years. It's always been one of those things that accidentally got overlooked for something else on her wish list. But 2021 is the year it's finally happening! She is going to be absolutely STOKED to find this rad new watch from Freestyle Watches underneath the tree this year. She's learning about time in school too, so this will be the perfect way to help her learn even more, she'll always have the time on her wrist when I ask her what time it is and if she can tell me the time! This Shark Classic Clip Watch in Mint Blush from Freestyle Watches is the absolute cutest, it's so girly and feminine (I'm a little obsessed with the colors myself haha) and she is going to love it. Of course, Bodhi wants to be just like big sister, so he'll be getting this Shark Classic Clip Watch in Gold/black Freestyle Watch too! I love that his has fun colors too, but they're muted colors so they'll match so well with all of his clothing, because I anticipate he'll be wanting to wear it constantly haha! The generous sizing that Freestyle Shark watches has is so great, because while it's not a one size fits all, it's a one size fits almost everyone kinda deal. Both of the watches I chose for the groms fit wrist sizes 5 inches through 8 inches! And did I mention that they are water resistant? They're perfect for kiddos who get water everywhere while washing their hands, and especially for anyone who loves water and is in water often, so whether that be the ocean, a lake, the pool, or even the bathtub (lol) Freestyle Watches has got you covered. Find all of their awesome adventure ready watches HERE!

I'm all about sustainability, and when it comes to kids dishes, I don't think I've ever purchased any dishes or utensils for the kids that wasn't made from either bamboo, cassava or recycled plastic... and our absolute favorite eco friendly brand for kids dishes is Miniware! We've actually owned a few pieces from them in the past and we loved them so much that we decided why not get the same ones again! The quality of this set from Miniware is great, they've outlasted every other brand of kids dishes we have. Besides the great quality, I really love the simple, neutral colors, you all already know I'm not about that neon or bright primary colors look and these fit the bill for me, color wise, functionality wise, quality wise, they're just great. The cups in this Little Foodie set (we chose vanilla and aqua, but they have other colorway options as well) are absolutely perfect for smoothies (one of our favorite ways to use them), and the bowls are great for real food as well as snacks (I love the silicone lid for easy snack storage while on the go or if Bodhi doesn't finish his crackers). The plates are Bella's favorite plates (she loves the little feet on them), and Bodhi is obsessed with the fork and spoon (honestly, out of all of the utensils for kids we've ever tried, Miniware is THE BEST). Miniware dishes are created using plant based biodegradable and petroleum free PLA, and the lids and straws are made with 100% food grade silicone (which can be easily recycled at the end of it's lifespan. Oh, and did I mention that Miniware is dishwasher and microwave safe? Find your earth friendly dishes HERE!

Wooden toys are one of my favorite kind of toys for our kiddos, they're better for the environment, look nicer and the quality is usually so much better than plastic toys as well! I love that wooden toys can be passed on from child to child, and even passed down generations because the quality is so good. Better quality equals longer lasting items equals less finding it's way into land fills and our oceans. This & That Etc. is a wooden toy brand we've loved for awhile, and their United States Map Puzzle and Classic Uppercase Alphabet Puzzle are two of our favorite products that are not only fun but educational as well! My kiddos love these puzzles, Bodhi discovering which letter goes in what order on the alphabet puzzle, and Bella learning which state is which and where each state is located in the United States with the United States map puzzle. One thing I love about these wooden toys (besides how much my kiddos love them) is that they can double so easily as decor! No bright colors that don't match with anything, the colors of the wood used on the puzzles is so pretty and goes so well with any home style! If personalized items are more up your alley, this Custom Name Puzzle is so fun (would make a perfect baby shower gift for anyone who is having a baby) and we LOVE this wooden Classic Tic-Tac-Toe game from This & That Etc. (we've had ours from them for years and still have so much fun with it). Shop all of their products HERE!

As Bella gets older she is leaning more towards hair clips and less towards the big bows I used to put her in when she was smaller, so it's been a fun time for both of us finding new hair clip brands to support. One brand I came across over the summer that we are really loving is the brand November Maker! She sells such cute hair clips and hair accessories and of course we especially love all of her ocean themed hair clips! We are ocean lovers through and through (I mean, we did just pick up our lives and move half across the US to raise our family by the sea, so I guess we do kinda love the ocean), so her Shell Yah Clip is going to be the most perfect addition to Bella's hair accessory collection. It's so minimal and dainty and I love that the neutral colors go so well with everything! This Floral Bebe Clip is also really adorable and will be so pretty in Bella's hair. Find all of the pretty hair accessories over at November Maker HERE!

A brand we've loved since Bella has been a baby is Tubby Todd. I've always loved that I can count of them for quality, no nonsense products that work great and of course lots of fun bubbles! Bella and Bodhi love Tubby Todd and I love their products because they are all natural! Their products are created using all natural ingredients and are perfect for sensitive skin, they even sell unscented products for extra sensitive skin. We've always used their scented products and I'm really excited to finally try out their unscented products now). Another reason we love them is because they are made right here in the USA! Their products make great stand alone gifts, but also perfect stocking stuffers. This year, Bodhi will be finding the The Regulars Bundle (fragrance free) in his stocking, and Bella will be beyond stoked to find this Tubby Todd Bath Bomb Bundle in hers! We got her a set of these bath bombs in her stocking last year and she LOVED them, she had so much fun watching the color of the water change in the bathtub when we dropped the bath bomb in! This All Over Ointment is also another really great product from Tubby Todd that we love (and great for dry and sensitive skin). Shop all of Tubby Todd's products HERE!

One of my favorite Holiday traditions we started a few years ago is gifting new pajamas to each of the kids and each other on Christmas Eve! There's nothing like slipping into a brand new pair of pajamas, and doing it on Christmas Eve so you can be wearing brand new pajamas on Christmas morning when you wake up to open gifts as a family is the best thing ever. But even better than just any regular pajamas are Plain Jane Pajamas! They're my absolute favorite brand of pajamas for the kids, they are so soft and comfortable, and the quality is off the charts, they last forever! Bella and Bodhi both still wear their Plain Jane pajamas from last Christmas (almost a year later) with only a few stains, no holes or issues that cheaper made pajamas have. I have a couple pairs too and I can tell you without a doubt that they are the softest pajamas I've ever owned (I definitely sleep better when I wear them because of how comfortable they are). Plain Jane also sells pajamas for men now too! So excited to gift this Shift Dress in B&W Stripe to Bella this year, and this PJ Set in Larkspur to Bodhi, aaaaand I may be finding this Long Sleeve Jogger Set in Larkspur under the tree for myself this year! Head HERE to shop pajamas for the entire family!

One of my favorite things to gift our kiddos every year for Christmas is a new cozy blanket, almost every year for the past few years they've each gotten a new muslin (my favorite fabric) blanket from Clementine Kids! They have so many designs, ranging from fun to cute to beautiful, they have a style for every design style and they are loved by not only kids but the adults in our home as well. Clementine Kids quilts make great throw blankets perfect for covering legs while watching tv, reading, traveling, and the kids love them for sleeping and napping, and they've also been known to use them for pretend play too, from superhero capes, to pretend water and sand for a beach scene, to tents and forts, roofs for their castles, they'll even work as a beach blanket when you go to the beach! This year Bella will be getting this adorable Rainbow Quilt, and Bodhi will be getting this awesome Sunset Quilt. I can't wait for them to find these  cozy quilts underneath the tree on Christmas morning next month! Find more designs from Clementine Kids HERE!

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