Happy "almost-weekend" friends! Can you believe that autumn is officially here? This summer (and entire year really) have seriously flown by! We are definitely missing summer a whole lot around here already, but Bella and I did get to wear our new Billabong sweatshirts today so it wasn't all bad! But seriously, this year is absolutely flying by at record speed: school has started again, the weather is cooling off (it was downright cold here this morning), all of the pumpkin things are everywhere (snapped a picture of these pretty ones at the orchard last week), had an eye exam and got some new glasses, my mom and two of my sisters came for a visit this past week all the way from Missouri (thank you mom for making that 12 hour trip to come spend some time with us)... what a BUSY last month or two it's been for us! I'll share more about all of the things going on here in the next month or so, but for now, I'm sharing some super fun things below that we are loving lately! Let me know if you love them too!

You guys already know I'm a huge fan of surf culture and beach lifestyle, so pretty much everything from Surf Bunnies is at the top of my wish list. Based in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, Surf Bunnies is a brand all about connecting women and creating community and sisterhood in the Grand Strand area of Myrtle Beach and across the Carolinas through surf culture and beach lifestyle. We are planning to move to Myrtle Beach this year and I can't wait to join in on activities and meet the ladies who are a part of this, but in the meantime I'm joining them in spirit from afar. I recently purchased their Original Surf Bunnies Tee and I am absolutely obsessed with it. It's so comfortable, cute, and has that amazing vintage feel even though it's brand new. Each tee is made to order printed in Myrtle Beach, and shipped right to your door anywhere in the USA or local delivery if you're in the Myrtle Beach area! Kendall was so sweet to also send me a Surf Bunnies Surf Wax that I'm stoked to eventually use (and I'm just gonna tell you right now, it smells DIVINE, like I need an entire body care line that smells like it), and yep, you can bet I've already added the Bunny Break TeeOriginal Trucker Hat and Bunny Burn Rosewater Aloe Mist to my Christmas wish list. Follow The Surf Bunnies on Instagram here and shop the collection here!

I've never been great at all the girly things like getting my hair or nails done, buuuuuut I'm trying to get a little bit better at doing the girly things that I do love, like skin care. I mean, it's probably time I started actually making an effort to take care of my skin anyways since I'm hitting that part of my twenties where I'm a whooooooooole lot closer to 30 than 20 haha. I may not be great at getting my hair done and I may have never even had a manicure done in a salon lol, but I've been researching alllll of the products, trying a few new things, and this Thrive Skin Infinite CBD Correcting Serum is absolutely one of my favorites that I will recommend again and again and again and again (okay, you get the point). My friend Holly is the one who got me hooked on this and sells the best skin care (as well as vitamins and shakes). She's a consultant for Thrive and dare I say "thriving"?! Haha, but in all honesty, she's so great and if you need great skincare, she's absolutely the one to hit up! You can find her on instagram at @hollyboatwright where she'll answer any questions you have, make sure you get only THE best deals, will walk you through the ordering process, will send you samples of vitamins and shakes if you want to try before you buy, AND has been known to give away lots of free product credits (so you can get more products for less). Anyways, back to the serum, I've been using it on my skin for a little over a month and I absolutely LOVE how it makes my skin look and feel. It's infused with CBD which is a natural anti-inflammatory and as soon as I apply it to my face, literally within seconds, I can already tell a difference in my complexion. Redness gone, fine lines smoothed out, skin tone evened, it's seriously amazing! Head here to give Holly a follow on Instagram and find out how you can get your own Infinite CBD Correcting Serum to up your skincare game!

I first discovered Ion Intelligence of Nature (formerly known as Ion Biome) last year when I was on a search for anything that might help Bodhi's eczema. His skin issues aren't something I really shared on my social media, but it was such a tough time for our entire family. It was so hard seeing him in pain, itching so badly, scratching until his skin bled and it seemed nothing was helping. We tried so many creams, lotions, oils, baths... so much. Finally, I asked a few friends who I trusted what they would recommend, and Ion was suggested on more than one occasion. I ordered a bottle not really expecting anything but hoping just the same (it was a keep your expectations low but keep your hopes high kinda deal, ya know) and I was amazed. This (combined with one other product) are what we used and  I can tell you today that his eczema is GONE. Yep, he is 100% eczema free, the most perfect smooth skin, something I never thought I would say. So many nights I spent holding him while he cried and itched uncontrollably, me crying and praying while holding him, it was awful just seeing him in agony and I am so grateful that my friends suggested this product. The past few months I've actually started developing eczema myself (no idea why, nothing has changed except adding in exercising 6 days a week into my routine) and the itchy inflamed patches are driving me crazy, so I've recently started incorporating the same protocol for myself that helped him. Crossing my fingers that I'll eventually see the same as we did in him (I'll definitely update once I see more changes), but I can truly say this product changed our lives. Your interest is probably piqued by now and you're wondering exactly what is Ion... ION* is a line of all-natural, soil-derived gut health products that goes beyond probiotics to strengthen the gut lining in adults, children, and pets (yep, it's even safe for your fur-babies). It helps to improve communication between the gut and the brain, protecting the bloodstream from toxins like glyphosate, gluten, antibiotics, and more! How awesome is that? While Ion is not a probiotic or prebiotic, it contains an active ingredient called Terrahydrite (which is a family of molecules made by bacteria). These molecules are derived from carbon frozen in uncompromised and untarnished soil and completely free of modern chemicals. Ion is great because it has so many purposes and supports your gut in a variety of ways, which in turn can support your entire body and help it function the way it was created to; like boosted immunity (which is more important these days more than ever), supported digestion, helps alleviate gluten sensitivity, and helps enhance mental clarity. Adding this to our daily supplement routine was one of the best decisions I've ever made, we have several bottles but the adult sized bottle with the pump top is so convenient and easy to use! Find out more about Ion Intelligence of Nature here!

Okay, but can you even with those adorable sunglasses from The Baby Grain? Bella and Bodhi have their matching retro sunglasses and I literally cannot handle it when they wear them. I gush about how cute they are in them pretty much every 2 seconds, they're that cute. They wore them for the first time during our recent trip up to Lake Erie, they wore them almost all day, they stayed on really well too while they played in sand, splashed in the water, swam, and even when they wiped out a few times in the waves! They are great! Another amazing product from Baby Grain that we love is this Liewood rainbow beach toy set! They've played with this a ton every time we've gone to the lakes over the past month or so, the bucket is sturdy and carries sand and water well, and the sand molds are just too sticking cute (the pink shell is one of my favorites). Also really loving this super cute Taupe Snack Cup lately too! It's perfect for holding Bodhi's favorite crackers, and I love the neutral color, plus it folds down really small for storage while not in use, not to mention it also comes with a lid so you can bring it anywhere without worrying about spills. Browse all of their products here!

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