Not sure what you want for Christmas, or maybe you just want to drop some hints to your significant other about some great gifts? Easy-peasy, just send him a link to this blog post and voila, all your Christmas shopping is done!

I had never really heard of babywearing before Bella was born, I mean, I'd heard of it, but didn't know much about it, and sadly didn't learn about ring slings until she was around 2. When I finally did discover babywearing and ring slings though, I was in love. If there's anything I love more than keeping my babies close, it's... wait, there really isn't much I love more than keeping my babies close. I sling Bodhi about every chance I get and always when we're out and about at church, the store, the park, the lake, you name it, I've pretty much always got him in a sling. He loves it, and so do I. Out of all of the brands we've used, Wildbird is my most favorite, their brand has top notch quality made from the highest quality and softest linens, ethical fair trade practices, made in the US by seamstresses who sew from home, and can be used from newborn to 35 lbs! I can get my baby in and out of our Wildbird slings in a matter of seconds, instead of wasting minutes fiddling with buckles and straps while baby and I are both getting flustered. I just added this "Nankeen" double chambray sling to our collection and it's become a fast favorite, it's so soft and becoming softer by the day as we "break it in". Thinking I may need to add "Lapwing" to our stash next, and if one of your little wants to match, they can twin with you in the sweetest "mini" ring sling perfect for their dolls!

I love finding unique items from small shops and since I'm always drawn to neutrals and contrasting designs, mudcloth has become a new favorite of mine. I think all of the designs are so beautiful and intricate and of course I love learning about the process that goes into creating such beautiful fabrics, learning about the artisans behind the piece and what the designs mean. I came across the most lovely brand recently when searching for a new makeup bag: Choose Made, their products are absolutely beautiful, and the owner, Sarah, has an even more a beautiful heart with her mission for helping those seeking a better life for their family. 5% of the proceeds of every single purchase goes to find housing, teach English and find jobs for those looking for refuge. Her mudcloth cosmetic bag caught my eye and I had such a difficult time choosing a color, I finally decided to go with the "morning mudcloth", but the midnight mudcloth and indigo mudcloth were at the top of my list for sure. A couple other Choose Made items I'm loving is this indigo pillowcase and of course this beautiful folded clutch. All beautiful items that any woman would love to find underneath the tree and that you can feel good about giving!

The beach is my most favorite place on earth, there's nothing so calming and peaceful as looking out over the ocean, seeing the waves chase each other into the shore, feeling the sand underneath your feet and smelling the salt in the air. Walking on the beach and looking out at the sea is something I could do all day, for hours on end and never be tired of it, the one thing that does get tiring though, is seeing all of the trash washed up on the beach during those walks. It's so sad, seeing old straws, candy wrappers, plastic bags, plastic spoons and more washed up on the beach. Human convenience has come at the cost of hurting our environment, sea life, birds and animals, and we have to make a change, be the change. One of my favorite brands actively making a difference to end the ocean plastic crisis and being the change is 4ocean. Since 2017, 4ocean has recovered over 7,089,982 lbs of trash and counting from our oceans and coastlines across the world, their captains and crews work 7 days a week ridding our oceans of trash, and for every item you purchase from 4ocean, they pull 1 pound of trash out of the ocean. How amazing is that? You may not have  realized that every single piece of plastic that has ever been created is still in existence, that toothbrush you owned 15 years ago? Probably still looks just about like it did when you threw it away, 15 years ago, that straw you drank from on your Starbucks run 5 years ago, still exists, and will continue to for the next 500 to 1000 years, er actually forever, since sadly, plastic doesn't decompose, it just breaks down into smaller pieces and turns into microplasics. Around 100,000 marine animals die each year due to plastic in our oceans, and that's just the ones that are found. Let's make a change. Let's be the change. Grab a bracelet here (like this one and this one) or a cleanup bag here!

I keep my skincare routine pretty minimalist, er, well so minimalist that it's been pretty much nonexistent lately haha. I knew I needed a good routine, because let's face it, baby wipes aren't cutting it for makeup removal anymore and this face isn't getting any younger haha, so when I came upon Lola Jane Naturals I immediately fell in love with her products! All the natural and wholesome ingredients, Lola Jane is formulated by the sweetest mama who is passionate about using only the essentials, celebrating simplicity and taking away the excess. Who really needs 100 can't read unless you're a rocket scientist ingredients in a single product, or any product for that matter? Her makeup remover contains 7 (yes only 7) ingredients, and I can read every single one without having to google what they are or stumbling over any 27 letter words like methyl-whatever, because they're all ingredients from nature. As a naturally minded woman and a minimalist, it's always so nice to find a brand who shares the same values and I have a feeling I'm going to keep coming back to Lola Jane for products again and again. These organic bamboo facial rounds are perfect for pairing along with the makeup remover and this amazing rosewater facial toner and are a great zero waste option in pace of single use cotton rounds. If you're looking for a good body polish and especially if you love the aroma of coffee, this (only 6 ingredient) coffee bean body polish is pure heaven.

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