If you know me very well at all, you'll know I'm a simple person who loves simple things. While I do love dresses and wear them often, you'll rarely ever find me in what people normally consider fancy, I don't even own a pair of high heels and I tend to gravitate towards comfortable, casual, minimal and bohemian. With the autumn season fast approaching, I needed a few things to spice up my wardrobe since I had gotten rid of most of the fall items I had, last year I was pregnant and the shirts that I did have had mostly gotten too worn to keep, so of course a few additions to my closet was in order. I don't shop often for myself but when I do I want to make sure that they are items I'll wear again and again until they can't be worn anymore. 

I just bought an adorable cardigan and a couple of dresses last week, and my jeans that I've had for the past few years are all still in great condition, so I just needed a couple long sleeve shirts to complete my fall/winter wardrobe. Thankfully, one of my favorite women's clothing shops, PinkBlush offered to send me a couple (thank you Pink Blush)!

I chose simple, cozy styles because I know that's what I'll wear the most and as a stay at home mama, I'm at home most of the time so it made sense to choose comfy (but pretty) things. Taking care of little ones, wiping noses, holding babies, teaching homeschool, cooking, cleaning... on the weekends we go to church and afterwards usually find ourselves outside, probably at the lake or a state park and of course fall festivals and the pumpkin patch during autumn, basically I just want to be comfy but also feel my best in something that looks nice!

I found these two super cute tops, this grey knit one with the accent buttons on the back and quilted patches on the elbows for a cute accent that I love. I know it's going to be absolutely perfect for so many weekend adventures and it'll be great for home as well! The other one I chose is just a simple charcoal heather gray top, but sometimes less is more and simplicity always speaks volumes to me. I'm going to love it for lazy days, soup making days, and nature days paired with a pair of black leggings (or even jeans) and whatever footwear matches  the occasion. It'll be adorable with boots and jeans!

Are you looking for any cute things to add to your fall/winter wardrobe? Head on over to PinkBlush and check out all they have!

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