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Before becoming a mom, I never realized the insane amount of stains I'd be treating on a daily basis, and I'm pretty sure that amount quadrupled when we welcomed our baby boy into our family last year. My little ones best and nicest outfits always seem to be the ones that stains find their way onto of course, so I had two choices...I could let them be stained and they would become "play" outfits, or I could take time out of my already busy day and treat the stains to hopefully get them out. Little did I know that those weren't my only options, there was now a third option at my fingertips! We've forever been lovers of all® laundry detergent, and during a recent shopping trip to Walmart, I was strolling down the laundry aisle to grab some all® OXI laundry detergent and that's when I discovered all® OXI stainlifters and the entire line of all® OXI laundry detergents!

You guys, two words: life changing.

Of course, I grabbed a few other things (and some all® free clear OXI too) and threw in our cart (because never-ending laundry means we go through a lot of detergent...anyone else?) and I was even able to score a great deal (and stock up, yay)! Currently at Walmart, when you spend $15 or more when purchasing all® OXI laundry products, you can get $5 in Walmart eGift cards! All you have to do is shop all® OXI Laundry products at your nearest Walmart, complete the registration form (found here), upload your all® receipt and redeem your egift card! Easy-peasy!

Now thanks to all® OXI stainlifters and all® OXI laundry detergent, I don't have to stop and take time to pre-treat stains during my busy schedule, whether that be taking care of our two little kiddos, vacuuming up all of the never ending crumbs, washing the endless amounts of bottles and snack dishes, or even doing laundry (which yes, even as minimalists, we still somehow seem to have mountains of laundry)! Most importantly, and I'm sure any parent can agree, I don't have to pause the memory making to treat stains. Playing together, making memories and letting them enjoy being little has never been easier since all® OXI stainlifters has such great stain-lifting properties! In fact, I dare say I don't even worry about stains anymore, I can actually be more a present mom and enjoy the moment rather than wondering how on earth I'll ever get that stain out later on.

As I've shared before, all® laundry detergent is the only brand we've purchased and used in our home for years, and I'm just so happy we've found yet another reason to love them even more! With its amazing stain removing power, all® laundry detergent and all® OXI stainlifters laundry detergent is our family’s best ally to take on any new activity – stains and all.

Have you tried all® OXI stainlifters yet? If not, what are you waiting for? Grab some on your next Walmart run and don't forget to stock up (there are so many summer adventures and memory making left before school starts again). Don’t forget to take advantage of the $5 Walmart eGift card promotion when spending $15 or more on all® OXI products! What are some of your favorite activities to do as a family that usually end up with messy clothes?

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