I have no chill when it comes to baby and kids clothing. There. I finally admitted it. Okay, so really if I take it a step further in complete transparency, I have zero chill when it comes to all things kid related haha. Anyway, let's talk clothing. I've shared previously how much we love Tea Collection, their designs are so unique and super cute, but most importantly, they're affordable AND high quality! While some brands sell clothing that looks great, but wears out fast and looks worn out after a few washes and wears, I love that all of the clothing we've we owned from Tea Collection still looks nearly new after being worn consistently for months. Quite an impressive fete if you ask me, especially when 5 year olds are involved.

We recently chose some new Tea Collection items to add to both Bella and Bodhi's wardrobes so I'll share a little about them below!

For Bella, I chose items with springtime and lots time spent outdoors in mind, she's been begging for super cute this chambray jumper since last year so I was so excited to finally get it for her. This sweet sparkle hi-lo tie waist dress is a new one from Tea Collection and it caught my eye as soon as I found it on their website, I love the little silver waves on it and it's perfect for our ocean loving little girl. Lastly, it feels like she's always in need of new pajamas (somehow all our others seem to get stained with paints or chocolate milk haha) and I can't wait to put this adorable ice cream pajama set in her Easter basket (if I can wait that long to give them to her that is) since it will be perfect for those warm summer nights that will be here before we know it. She's going to LOVE them!

For Bodhi, it seems like he outgrows everything we buy him 5 minutes after we get it (okay, maybe a slight exaggeration, but not by much lol). He's been growing like a weed and is so tall, he outgrows everything mostly lengthwise so I wanted to get him a few new cute clothing options. I am obsessed with this wrap romper, I love how unique it looks and it gives off African mudcloth vibes (which I simply love) and it's so neutral and goes with everything. I also chose this sweet simple gray and white striped bodysuit, because a baby can never have too many onesies and this one is SO soft, not to mention super cute on him. Even though he seems to outgrow footed outfits quite fast, I still buy them for him because I just love them, they're so convenient since it's only one piece, plus I think they're adorable too. This lion printed one is beyond precious!

Do you have you eye on any of the new items from the spring collections over at Tea Collection? So many options, so little time, don't mind me while I... add all to cart. Lol!

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