This is a sponsored post by ARM & HAMMER via Church & Dwight Co., Inc. I received compensation and a free product sample in exchange for this review but the opinions stated below are 100% my own.

Let's face it, pregnancy is hard. The first trimester is rough, and if you're like me, the second trimester is pretty rough too. Brushing my teeth without throwing up a lung was somewhat of a challenge during those months, but since I know how important oral health is, I kept on brushing, and one thing that made it a little easier during those months was the Arm & Hammer Bright & Strong Baking Soda Toothpaste.

Since morning sickness can lead to some serious acidic pH levels in the mouth (yep, that awful metallic taste in your mouth that won't hardly go away, if you've experienced it, you know what I'm talking about) I made sure to brush my teeth as often as I could stand. Not only did it help keep my breath fresher, but it helped keep my pearly whites healthy, as well as helping cut down on my never ending nausea. As many of you all know, I'm super careful about what products we bring into our home, and since pregnancy is an especially sensitive time for a woman's body and for the baby growing inside, I wanted to make sure I was only using the best. Arm & Hammer Bright & Strong toothpaste is made with 35% natural baking soda and is free from many of the not-so-good-for-you ingredients that we like to avoid (ingredients like triclosan, parabens, artificial preservatives, and microbeads to name a few). So it was the perfect choice for me and our baby.

Arm & Hammer Bright & Strong toothpaste works to strengthen enamel with fluoride, plus it neutralizes enamel-eroding acids with baking soda AND repairs the enamel surface with Liquid Calcium Technology. Not to mention that it penetrates along the gum line for an even deeper clean that your gums will appreciate AND is clinically proven to whiten teeth in just 5 days! How awesome is that? This toothpaste has become such an important part of my routine because I had such bad nausea for so long during my pregnancy. Since stomach acids (think all of the throwing up you may have been doing) can erode enamel, this toothpaste works hard to keep your teeth strong and healthy during all 40 weeks of growing a little human. Just remember, after an episode of morning sickness, to normalize the acid in your mouth, rinse with 1 teaspoon baking soda mixed into 1 cup water, then brush with Arm & Hammer Bright & Strong.

Whether you're a first time mom, a second time mama (like me), or a seasoned pro kinda mama who has been there and done this whole pregnancy thing more than a few times, this Bright & Strong toothpaste from Arm & Hammer (with its amazingly freshening and  crisp mint flavor) will definitely be a welcome sight for you every single time you go to brush your teeth. Sitting in your bathroom cabinet like a shining knight in armor, always there waiting to help you combat all of the things, like acidic stomach acids, tooth and enamel decay and stinky breath (because we all know those hormones can wreak havoc on our morning breath haha) and even help you repair the damage that stomach acid can do to tooth enamel. It is THE ONE toothpaste you'll want within arms reach your entire pregnancy, and I dare say you will probably, okay more like most definitely, want to keep on using it postpartum too. Have you tried Arm & Hammer Bright & Strong Toothpaste yet?

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