This time of year is one of my favorites for so many reasons, all the decor from the holidays has been put away and I always gain a fresh new excitement for the new year with the removal of the clutter and the arrival of clean, bright, fresh spaces. We've been going through our home this past week, organizing, purging, and heading back to our favorite minimal lifestyle (that we had started to get away from a little bit these past few months). To be honest, I was starting to feel suffocated from all of the things, and it's so energizing to clear the clutter. Clothes that don't fit, toys that aren't played with, dishes that aren't used, broken and stained items, all bagged up and ready to be donated, given away or tossed.

Looking around, I'm getting so excited for the new year and all that it has in store. 2017 was the hardest year of my life, so difficult and with so much loss. I'm praying that this year will bring healing to us all, bring answers to long awaited expectations and long lifted up prayers, bring miracles. I know it will.

I'm not really one for resolutions, because let's face it, does anyone ever really keep new year "resolutions"? I've started new years out with unrealistic expectations most of my life (I mean, what 12 year old can learn 10 different languages haha, and no I didn't even learn one new language that year, or any year), but I do want to strive to have excellence in all things in life this year, and give myself grace when I have a day that's less than perfect. To be more present in my everyday life, rather than checking my phone every time a notification pops up. To gain more insight on the things that really matter in life. To love more. Laugh more. Smile more. To be alive, rather than just live. To keep growing my relationships with God, my husband, my daughter, and stepdaughters, my mama and siblings, and maybe even grow a new little one. To spend more time outdoors (and in our garden), more time in the kitchen (more nutritious and primal meals), more time holding my husband's hand and more time dancing with my little girl. More music to sing along to and less time behind a computer screen. More time with the things that do matter and less with the things that don't.

Cheers to 2018. May this trip around the sun be a good one.

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