Milk Paint Ribbon Garland DIY Tutorial

Last year I had the privilege of teaming up with a couple fellow creatives local to me and it was such a fun few hours. Tami from Tami Weingartner Photography and Rust Belt Lifetstyle, Jill from Milkhouse 24 and Myself... Taking photos, laughing, chatting, creating and just doing what we do best, being creative!

Jill recently launched her new brand, Milkhouse 24, and she offers the most darling milk painted ribbon, and even does projects locally! I just love the look of the milk paint and this ribbon is one of my absolute favorite things, so much in fact that I just had to create a garland for my favorite little girl's room! The colors of this ribbon are so pretty and I just love the texture, so vintage looking yet it was made so recently!

Make sure to head over to Rust Belt Lifestyle to catch our tutorial (found here) on how to make the ribbon (hint: we had a lot of fun doing it and I might have felt slightly like Joanna Gaines) and then find out how to make your own garland below! These garlands are perfect for a bedroom, a dining room, a living room, holidays, gifts and so much more!

Milk Paint Ribbon Garland DIY Tutorial

8 feet jute string

3 yards milk painted fabric (your colors of choice)

Once your painted ribbon is all ready to go (make sure to follow this tutorial), make 1 inch cuts into one side of the fabric (1 inch cuts about 1 or 1 1/2 inches apart). Once you've made your small cut in the fabric, gently rip it the rest of the way! It's that simple, it tears it evenly and gives it such a pretty fray that makes it feel so vintage). After you've repeated this step until the fabric is all in ribbons, cut a piece of jute string into an 8 foot long piece (ensuring you have pretty to work with when tying and hanging), and start tying the ribbon onto it. You can tie it whichever way works best for you but I've demonstrated in photos below the way I tied ours. It's so easy AND so pretty! Have fun!

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