Farmhouse Living Room Reveal

I have partnered with Raymour & Flanigan and received product in exchange for this post. All expressed opinions are 100% my own.

A few months back, I mentioned we were partnering with Raymour & Flanigan to makeover our living room and I'm so thrilled to share the full room reveal with you today! It's been a work in progress for what feels like practically forever and I'm so excited to finally have it finished.

Farmhouse style is something that I have just fallen head over heels in love with, I love watching the show Fixer Upper and I can still remember finding the show for the first time. It was a summer day and we had just moved into an apartment and were waiting for the dish TV provider to come and hook the cable up, once it was installed the service guy left and left the TV on the HGTV channel, a channel I had never really paid much attention to before. I started watching it and goodness was I hooked. After I laid our sweet 6 month old Bella down for a nap, I sat down to watch some more Fixer Upper! I was enthralled by Joanna Gaines simple yet beyond lovely style and I clicked "record" for the rest of the day, and as soon as my husband walked through the door I said "You've got to check out this new show I discovered", and from there on not only was I hooked on the show, but my hubby was as well! We're definitely farmhouse style fans so we were excited at the chance to redo our living room with Raymour & Flanigan Furniture, especially when we spied some of the pretty furniture they had to offer!

We'd been going back and forth for awhile whether our dream sofa was a white one or a grey one, and after we purchased a grey one last year, we were excited to try out a white one, partly because we loved the color since it was so farmhouse-y and partly because we don't have much natural light in our living room so we love anything that lightens the room up a little more. The Lakeside Sofa was pretty much love at first sight, and even more so in person when we visited the showroom in Jamestown, New York and got to try it out in person! It's one of the most comfortable sofas I've ever sat on, it's soft but not too soft, just the perfect amount  of everything and the color is absolute perfection. It's more of a cream rather than a true white-white, and I simply love that it has a slipcover: not only does it look pretty but it's a great fabric and seems to clean really easily when little fingers accidentally get snacks on it. One thing besides the look of the sofa that drew me to it were the reviews. It had great reviews and one reviewer mentioned it being a more eco friendly sofa which is super important to us, which was a big factor in us choosing this sofa. The cushions are made with Preserve HR, which basically soybeans and means the foam isn't made from petroleum and also reduced oil dependency and takes 60% less nonrenewable energy than tradition cushions, plus Preserve HR technology is also known for retaining its shape and properties longer, ergo, furniture looking new for longer, win-win.

Probably the most important factor is that it's made without flame retardant materials, which means no formaldehyde (Yay!), something that is super hard to find these days (and if you're read some of my posts last year you'll know we've had some health issues with formaldehyde), this was definitely one of the most important factors for us when choosing this sofa. The back cushions (which are super cozy by the way) are made partly from recycled plastic bottles as well as virgin polyester fibers. The wire springs are made from 50% (or more) recycled steel (how cool is that?) and the wooden frame is made from wood from a verified sustainable Appalachian hardwood trees harvested  from replanted forests. I love this sofa even more now that I know all of this. Though the Lakeside sofa is unfortunately not available anymore, here is a very similar option (the Willowick collection) if you're in the market for a new sofa!

As I also mentioned in my room inspiration blog post, we almost chose the matching chair-and-a-half and ottoman from the Lakeside furniture collection that Raymour & Flanigan offered, but since the chair was stationary, we decided to go with the Avery Glider (in Sand) from Raymour & Flanigan. Having a little one, I couldn't imagine not having a rocker or glider, I love being able to rock her when she's not feeling well or if she's having a bad day or just wants extra snuggles, and it's especially great for when she wakes in the middle of the night and needs held. Rocking her back to sleep is always my go-to when she needs a little comfort in the wee hours of the night and always soothes her right back to dreamland. This glider chair is absolutely perfect for that and is so comfortable, and it matches (almost) perfectly with the new sofa! Though this pretty glider isn't available through Raymour & Flanigan at the moment, this lovely loveseat and chair from the Willowick Collection are both absolutely perfect options if you need extra seating in your space!

When it comes to throw pillows, give them alllll to me. I love throw pillows. I chose a couple different ones for our living room and these "Family" throw pillows might just be my absolute favorite. I simply love the look of jute fabric (even better that these don't shed like jute fabric normally does) and the word "family" across the front takes the cake. Family is pretty much everything to me, not that I have a little family of my own, it's become even more important to me than ever and I love that these pillows show my love for the ones most important to me.

Last time we made the trip and visited the Raymour & Flanigan showroom in Jamestown, New York I actually had a different set of throw pillows picked out that I found on their website, but when I spied these throw pillows (that are not currently available) I loved them (and hubby and Bella did too)! I love the mint color (which is my most favorite color) and the greige is also lovely, the design overall is just so pretty so I was excited to add these to our home. Here are some that are really similar if you love the look of these. These are absolutely perfection for Sunday afternoon naps (they're my husband's favorite for that) and I just love cuddling up with them on a cool day and staying cozy.

So let's talk lighting. I've been in LOVE with these Menlo Lane floor lamps for practically forever, I've shown them to Frank probably a million times and he loved them also, so when we seen that Raymour & Flanigan offered them, we were both really excited! Edison light bulbs are my favorite and since I introduced Frank to them also, he loves the look of them as well. These lamps are beyond gorgeous and the quality of them (and all of the products in this post) are absolutely impeccable! The seeded glass globes are a work of art which off the intricate Edison bulbs so nicely, and they're heavy duty lamps that add the perfect amount of "industrial" to the space while keeping that farmhouse look we love so much. Such a unique addition to the room and they add such an ambient glow.

All in all, I think the room came together so beautifully and we're so thrilled about it! What are your favorite features and pieces in the room? Thanks Raymour & Flanigan!

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  1. wow it looks so pretty! I love that beautiful love seat couch. I am really into white furniture now too and all of mine is currently dark brown so I am looking to update it soon. I will have to check out this company it looks like they make some beautiful and lovely furniture ! Thank you so much for sharing.