Farmhouse Master Bedroom Reveal

I have partnered with Raymour & Flanigan and received product in exchange for this post. All expressed opinions are 100% my own.

I recently shared my design inspiration and a sneak peek of our farmhouse inspired master bedroom here on the blog and I'm even more thrilled to show y'all the entire room now!

Where should I start? Hmm, let's start at the beginning, shall we? Our master bedroom was pretty much a mess before. No not literally a mess, but from a design standpoint, it really, well, kind of had no design lol. My husband purchased a cozy new mattress for us last year, but up until a few months ago, Bella was still (sort of) co-sleeping on an extra twin sized mattress on the floor next to our bed. But after she finally moved into her own big girl bedroom recently, I knew I wanted to make our master bedroom a cozy and special place for my husband and I again.

IN with all of the new white furniture and textiles and OUT with all of the other stuff (the hand me down dresser, extra twin bed, our old squeaky bed frame, etc.). My design and decorating goal was a farmhouse look with a touch of minimalism and just plain COZY. Cozy is a word that I like. A place where my husband and I would want to hang out with each other after we put Bella to bed at night. Where we could talk about our days together and sit and read or browse Pinterest together (which we do quite often).

And I'm seriously so in love with this "new" bedroom of ours. It's the same bedroom we had before, but it doesn't feel or look like it at all! It's beautiful, relaxed, pretty, comfortable, and yep, you guessed it... cozy. Every time I walk into or past our bedroom, it just gives me the happiest feeling. Goodness, I even enjoy folding laundry now because I get to spend a little more time in our bedroom! And even though Bella doesn't sleep with us anymore, it's the most special thing when she sometimes crawls into bed with me in the mornings to snuggle.

The Kylie Bedroom Chest and Kylie Nightstand have SO MUCH STORAGE space! That's one thing we were definitely lacking in before. We traded Bella our old dresser earlier this past year since it didn't fit into our bedroom that well and had been using her old tiny one since we hadn't gotten a chance to purchase a new one that would fit our room. Plus, since I'm super picky, I would much rather live with what I already have (even if it doesn't properly work lol) than live with buyers remorse. Nice white/cream dressers are hard to find but these definitely fit the bill. The Kylie Bedroom Chest fits all of our underclothes and pajamas perfectly with room to spare, and I still haven't even come close to using all of the space in my nightstand. I'm not used to having so much storage, but it's definitely a really nice "problem" to have. At least before Christmas, I had lots of places to hide Bella's Christmas presents!

As far as the Kylie Nightstand are concerned, they're pretty much the most amazing nightstands ever. I had no idea when I ordered them that they had a super awesome little hidden feature and I was so pleasantly surprised when they were delivered to find that they have a hidden mini surge protector near the back of the nightstand (which also hides wires!) which you can plug up to three things into at once. The cord for that comes out of the bottom back of the nightstand and is a flat style plug in so the nightstand can go nice and close against the wall!

The Zen White Area Rug is definitely one of my favorite features in the room as well. It feels so soft on the toes and definitely give the bedroom that "even cozier" feel to it. It's a shag rug and the threads are about 2 and a half inches long. It's so cool looking too if you look at it close because it almost looks like freshly popped popcorn (I'm a huge popcorn lover btw). I was worried that it would be hard to clean, but worries be gone after I spilled a bunch of dirt on it (well what actually happened was... we originally hung the round shelves with command hooks and lets just say that didn't work out so well, so after getting the rug clean, re-hung them with nails) I just vacuumed it all up super easy and you cant even tell! Yay!

Which brings me to the next item: This set of Laurel Round Wall Shelves! I just love the galvanized look of the round metal outer part, and the wooden slat shelf gives it a rustic touch for sure. They come in a set of 4, which is super nice so you can stagger them or add a couple on one wall and the other one on another wall (like we done). Since I'm more into minimal decor and also since I didn't want to make the room feel crowded, I opted for only adding one item to each shelf: a mason jar with a faux butterfly, my favorite mug, and a sweet little succulent. believe it or not, the shelves were actually the last thing we added to the bedroom. I was unsure of how they would look, but now that they're up, I love them so much that I'm positive they're never moving from their respective spots on the wall. They really completed the room in my opinion.

It was important for me that we have a nice bed frame, and I've had my heart set on a vintage looking metal one for quite a long while. This one, the Fremont Metal Bed is perfect. Not only was it super easy to put together (it took my husband and I less than an hour to put it together), but it also looks so nice and gives our mattress and box spring set a lot of support (there are 6 slats along the bottom with several extra legs in the middle). It really gives our bedroom that "farmhouse" look and the brushed nickel metal perfectly matches the hardware on the dressers and nightstands.

The metal Hexamination Table Lamps add the perfect amount of industrial and a little touch of modern to the room. The Edison lights in it give it a eclectic farmhouse flair and they give off such a lovely ambient glow in the evening that we hardly even use our overhead ceiling light anymore. As soon as the sun starts going down for the evening  I usually snap these lights on in our bedroom. They're also a big conversation starter, they're so unique that everyone who sees the as they walk past our bedroom wants to know were we got them.

Decor-wise, I snagged up a couple other items also from Raymour & Flanigan, the Ashwood Trays (they come in a set of two) and the Thatcher Vintage Fan Clock. I love this vintage inspired fan clock not only because it's one of those timeless looking pieces, but also because you can switch the look up depending on your mood! The clock face snaps out to reveal what "appears to be" a vintage fan, don't tell anyone that it's not real otherwise they'll never know. I've included some photos with the clock face and some without so you can get a feel for what I'm talking about. I sat it on the tray set on top of the chest of drawers, I think it adds the right amount of decor, but nothing "too" much, ya know? The trays are wooden, and I was so pleasantly surprised that the handles were real metal (for some reason, the photo online looked like rope to me) and I was so excited to find that out.

I'm sure I'll keep added and changing things in our room as time goes, maybe adding some interchangeable throw pillows with the different seasons, perhaps some curtains in the future, and definitely getting my dream quilt for our bed, but the furniture will definitely stay the same. Thanks again Raymour & Flanigan for giving us our dream master bedroom!

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