Adventures with Wren & James

Simple things are the best things to me. Things that don't cost a thing and make the best memories. Simple things like being with the ones I love and being outdoors. A couple days ago we decided to take a trip after dinner to McConnell's Mill State Park. It's so breathtakingly beautiful there... waterfalls. Rushing, gurgling streams. Moss covering everything. Ferns everywhere. Wildflowers I've never seen before. Huge rocks. A lovely trail to walk. An adorable bridge across a water fall and natural spring. Truly the loveliest scenery. We even found a little (almost hidden) beach during our hike along the trail, and Bella found a little shell while playing in the sand! The rocks make you feel so small, and the beauty of it all makes you feel like you're in another time and another place, certainly not so close to home.
Of course Bella wore her favorite dress (and truth be told it's one of my favorite too), her vintage inspired red gingham pinafore from Wren & James. If I'm completely honest it's become one of my most favorite dresses of hers as well and I really wish it came in my size too haha.
It reminds me of a classic traditional American summer, fireworks, adventures that take little exploring feet everywhere, homemade pies, the county fair, a homegrown garden, picnics, and of olden times passed that I wish were still here. Yep, I'm one of those people who would go live back in time, in the 40's or 50's, if given the chance as long as I could take my loved ones with me.
You guys, I could really see a Wren & James addiction starting here lol. Pretty sure she's going to need one of these dresses every single summer (they do all the way up to a girls size 10) from now until she's too big for them. Maybe we'll even switch it up and choose a new color every year? These gorgeous dresses come in cornflower blue gingham, sunflower yellow gingham, ballet pink gingham, Kelly green gingham and of course the traditional red gingham. The colors are all so beautiful and are perfect for almost any occasion, from a summer child friendly wedding (how cute would one of these even be as a  flower girl dress?!), to a family picnic, to Sunday school at church, to outdoor playtime, to even a first day back to school outfit later this summer. This pinafore dress really can't go wrong for any occasion. You could even pair any of these with a long sleeve tee, tights and boots for when autumn rolls around to create the perfect fall outfit for frolicking in the leaves (and pretty sure the cornflower blue gingham would make an adorable Dorothy dress for Halloween).
Oh and did I mention how well these dresses are made? The fabric is both soft and thick, when we were on our hike Bella took a tumble and scraped  her knee and both of her little legs, blood everywhere, but even though it got on the inside of her dress skirt, none of it bled through to the front of her dress at all! And I love the detail of the 3 wooden buttons on the back. Wooden buttons just give me all the heart eyes!
Wren & James was started by the loveliest Kiley, she studied fashion design in New York years before meeting and falling in love with her husband. When they settled down and started a family she chose to leave being a designer in New York and all that came with it to focus on her children and being a mama. But that didn't stop her creativity and it wasn't long after their daughter Mazie was born that Kiley designed and made the first outfit for her. From there she started receiving tons of requests from friend's and neighbors who wanted the same outfits for their daughters and from there Kiley rediscovered her love for fashion and design but this time with a focus on her children! She focus's on vintage inspired dresses since she has always been inspired by classic silhouettes  and loves to incorporate the feel of childhood and play into all Wren & James clothing. Kiley says "I wanted to capture that feeling of nostalgia and wonder with my designs. This lead me to create a vintage dress with a modern sensibility. And this simple idea became Wren & James".
I'm more than positive that she has succeeded with that mission of making a fun childhood inspired dress. Don't forget to use code JOYFULTRIBE20 for 20% off when purchasing! Code expires 7/22/16. Which dress is your favorite? What adventures will you and your little find while she's wearing her favorite Wren & James dress?

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