Father's Day Gift Guide | 6 Unique Gifts For The Dad In Your LIfe

Ahhh... Father's Day, the perfect time to celebrate the Dads in our lives, give them recognition for all their hard work, give them the day off of diaper duty and give them gifts... oh, but wait... hold up here... we all know that men are practically impossible to shop for, right?! So I've teamed up with a few amazing brands to bring you a Father's Day Gift Guide! I think I may be just as in love with all of these gorgeous gifts as my hubby will be (when they're finally his). All of these items make perfect gifts because they're such unique gifts and lets face it, cool gifts. There is something here sure to put a smile on the face on any Dad in your life! Happy Father's Day Dads!

Seriously these things smell AMAZING! My hubby loves candles, I mean who doesn't? But I didn't want to get him anything floral, ya know? So man candles it was. Bacon. Bacon. Bacon. It literally smells exactly like bacon cooking up in a frying pan. I mean, when was the last time you met a guy who didn't love bacon? Hungry anyone? And the firewood candle? It smells just like it's namesake. Firewood. Think  warm crackling fire scent, sitting on a blanket around a campfire (perhaps toasting a s'more or two lol). It has that rich earthy, kind of musky and a touch of cologne type scent. So much goodness from both of these. These candles are made from 100% Soy Wax, contain a wood wick (I love these) and have an approximate burn time of 50+ hours each! And they come in adorable candle sized gift boxes! Oh! And the MAN CANDLES are on SALE(!!!) right now and you don't want to miss this! Buy 2 get 1 FREE!

Gah! Where do I even start with this gorgeous thing?! It can be used as a cutting board, or a serving board and even art when it's not in use! Yep, this piece will definitely be hanging up for display whenever its not being used. But since my hubby loves to cook (and I do too), I anticipate this cutting/serving board is going to be used quite a lot. Sometimes he shoo's me out of the kitchen so he can cook, and he also makes some of the most mouthwatering meals ever created too. This board is made from solid American black walnut and this beautiful thing was crafted and completely handmade in the sunny state of California! I just love the look and feel of it's natural wood. No stain, only covered in clear food safe butcher block oil, this is the natural color of this wood, and how pretty it is. It is such a high quality and so durable, I definitely see this becoming a family heirloom piece, being passed down for many future generations of our little family. I wonder what my hubby will cook up first using this?

We are such big fans of Turkish towels in our home. Both Bella and I already own one each. But what could be better than matching mommy and me towels? Why, matching family towels of course! This Gray and white Fouta towel will match perfectly alongside my pink and white towel and Bella's purple and white one, don't you think? A few reasons to love this towel even more are... It's ethically sourced and fair trade and made from the softest 100% eco cotton! And, it  only gets softer and more absorbent with time! Towels like this have been used for hundreds of years in the spas and baths of Turkey due to their unmatched softness and absorbency, plus they're kinda pretty to look at. I love that it is sold by The Fair Line (a part of Education & More, a Christian nonprofit organization). They believe, as I do, that what and where you purchase really can  make a difference in the world. They offer a wide selection of accessories for you AND for your home that are sourced directly from artisans in Guatemala who weave and craft the products by hand, making sure that the artisans make both a fair income (+ benefits) and are treated fairly! This helps to not only preserve the culture and arts of the artisans, but also to fight poverty! I can't wait to take a trip to Lake Erie later this summer so hubby can break this towel out for a try.

Can you tell I'm all about that matching family life over here? Lol. I have the matching tee made for mama's, the blush "la mère" tee (seriously, it's so pretty). And Bella has the most adorable "la fleur" toddler tee (in white). We love them and wear them constantly, so it was only fitting that Frank be able to match with us too! "la père" in French means "The Father". And since my hubby also has a little bit of French blood running through his veins this is pretty much the best Father's Day gift ever, since duh, FATHER's day. It's so soft and is the most perfect, most flattering fit on him. It comes in both heather grey (the one we have) and white, and runs through in sizes XS all the way through 4X. I can't wait to see him wear it again once it's officially his. haha.

If you know my hubby at all you know of his great love for coffee. Coffee is a staple in our home and for good reason. He starts his day with a piping hot cup of coffee every morning when he wakes up and hops out of bed, and my special little thing for him that I do every single night before bed is get his coffee all ready for him. All he has to do is flip the switch (yep, we have an old fashioned coffee maker at the moment lol) and turn the coffee maker on! That's why when I had the opportunity to showcase this amazing roast from Killer Roasting Co., I jumped at the chance. Now his morning coffee will be even that much more special. And goodness, I can't get over the smell of this stuff, it's invigorating! It smells so amazing, and a few of the notes you'll catch while inhaling the aroma of beans are tea, milk chocolate, tropical fruit, oh and coffee of course. I may even have to sneak a cup for myself when he's not looking to see how it is... and I especially can't wait for him to taste it! I'll post an update on instagram here in the next week or so talking about how is tastes!
This watch is seriously THE most beautiful watch I have ever laid eyes on. Made from koa wood, it's light, but also well made. I love being able to see the gears inside, moving the hands, keeping time, it's really quite mesmerizing. Probably one of the coolest features, besides the wood itself and the visible gears, is the fact that if you hold the watch up to light you can see right through it! I mean how cool is that? The rustic qualities of the wood and the industrial look of the visible gears give this skeleton watch such a classy masculine charm and it's pretty much perfection for my husband. I can't wait to see him wear this on date nights and though he modeled it for a few photos for me, I can't wait to officially give it to him on Father's Day! Another awesome feature of this watch is that it is self winding, which means no trips to the jeweler because of the battery dying, seriously genius.  And the glass front and back are made of sapphire crystal glass, which is second in glass strength only to diamond! Every man needs a nice watch so it may as well be a JORD wood watch. JORD sells both men's watches and women's watches,  and in my opinion some of the best watches for men! It'll make a statement like no other and I guarantee he'll receive a ton of compliments.

(especially my wonderful husband, my awesome dad and my great father in law)

Mens Wooden Watches

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