My Mom Uniform With Ruby Claire Boutique

When a woman becomes a mom we usually find what we like to call our "mom uniform" a few months after our baby is born... that comfy, just throw it on outfit that you never have to worry about what you're going to wear because you pretty much wear the same outfit every single day with only slight variations.
Well my go to outfit just so happens to be skinny jeans and a tee! I feel they flatter me and I don't have to put a lot of thought into it because goodness knows we moms (and women in general) always have our minds going in a million different directions and a thousand miles per hour.

That's why this outfit from Ruby Claire Boutique is perfect! The tees are soft like butter, breathable and come in so many colors and shades! The jeans? I mean, come on, there's nothing like a trusty pair of skinny jeans, am I right or am I right ladies?! I literally wear this outfit everywhere now that it's spring and starting to warm up enough that I can put away the cardigan until this coming autumn.
I had the chance to team up with Ruby Claire Boutique for a collab and I chose the boyfriend tee in black and in gray, both are colors I especially gravitate to because I feel they're great for almost any occasion! I also choose a pair of jeans, The Kenzie skinny jeans and I am loving them!

As you can tell from most of the photos,  I'm a pretty active mom with an even more active toddler, and I put these tees and jeans to the ultimate test by chasing after her at the park (with my hubby too) for a few hours! Oh the fun! And yep, these tees and jeans more than passed the test with flying colors! Jumping on the swinging bridge, hiking up a hill, walking by a stream and feeding some organic crackers to a friendly pair of ducks, swinging on the swing set and exploring under a bridge!
I love clothing that is not only durable but affordable, comfortable and functional and these fit the bill for sure. I cook in them, I clean in them, I change diapers in them, I play and spend time in the great outdoors with them, I chase a toddler in them, hold my hubby's hand while wearing them, shop in them, photograph in them, blog in them... these essentials are great for everything... why? Because it's really a uniform, my mom uniform.


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  1. That's my uniform too! except I usually go with gray and white instead of black and gray�� I've been looking for good jeans that don't stretch throughout the day. Do those ones pass the test?