Healthy Bowes | A Guest Post from Laurie Bowes

am so grateful and blessed to be a guest writer on April’s amazing blog! I secretly love to write but it also makes me extremely nervous. My name is Laurie Bowes, yes, Bowes… like hair bows. You might think that that is the best last name ever and you’d be right, but I did my time with the maiden last name of Keinhenz. I am a doting wife, an unseasoned mama, and a weekend traveler.

In my former life, I was a dedicated destination wedding photographer who was the epitome of “on the go”. I worked hard, barely slept, traveled near and far, and filled my passport with priceless stamps. But after marrying the man of my dreams, I started to dream of other things that would keep me up at night and fill my every waking moment. you guessed it, Baby Bowes. After struggling with infertility for 9 months, a tearful daddy-to-be checked my pregnancy test in the bathroom and told me I was going to be a mother: Everything had fallen into place and I knew I would never be the same!

Fast forward through pregnancy, our home birth, the arrival of our baby boy 3 weeks early, and I was there, I was a mother. Emerson Crew Bowes was a tiny, smiling, and wonderful baby! We embraced all life had to offer and everything seemed perfect. Once survival mode ended, it became increasingly difficult for me to even think about leaving Emerson to shoot weddings, travel for work, or be stuck editing during the days and nights. I sunk into depression followed by unexpected medical bills that took our financial situation to an unexpected low. I knew there had to be something more for me in this world, I knew I was made for more. God had called me to be a mother and surely he did not want someone else raising my child. Out of more desperation than anything, I prayed to God and asked him, okay, I begged him, for another option. The nights were getting long, the days were full of anxiety, and still, no answer. I turned to Him again, asking for financial help and a way out of this mess without leaving my son. He truly does work in mysterious ways and answered me in a way that could have only come from him.
My middle school best friend was always on social media… Me? I was not. Every time I would look on social media, I saw her posting about her incredible “side job” and how excited she was about life, her family, being home with them more, and paying off all of her debt. I wanted that same feeling more than anything, so I watched a little closer. She began sharing her love for these amazing products and “life changing” greens! Being a crunchy mama myself, I was intrigued but sadly, even a nutritious green drink wasn’t in our budget at the time. After 2 months of seeing her cut back hours at her hospital job to work from home, I became jealous. she had the extra money I needed AND the time with her family. the freedom of owning your own time and feeling financially free was a dream for me… this had to be too good to be true.

My 2 month span of praying and pleading to God for a way out ended with Him asking me to take a HUGE step of faith. It was time to throw out the traditional ways of making money and start building a legacy for my family. I was ready to join my friend and feel the freedom she had been raving about! Was I a salesperson? Absolutely not. Did I know a lot of people? well… No. Did I have any experience with this line of work? Ok, this wasn’t looking good but, I knew I was made for more and that God was going to work through me and provide for my family! So reluctantly, and more than under experienced for the job, I joined my friend’s team and began sharing the same incredible products, faith based company, and team that had surrounded me with support, prayers, and encouragement. the depression subsided and I had a new fight in me! I wasn’t going down, if anything, I was going up and bringing other mamas with me! I was set out to change our lives and that is just what I did!

September 2014 was my first month as a “sharesperson”, that wasn’t a typo, I share things, I don’t sell them. Selling is yucky and pushes people away. I fully embraced sharing the products that I myself had fallen in love with. I finally found plant based products with natural ingredients that worked! I saw my health change for the better as each day passed on our delicious berry greens! I knew being healthy could be easy and not taste like chalk, I just had to find the right product line! Money started to add up and relief was coming for us little by little. my prayers were being answered one by one and I don’t think i have ever felt so grateful in all my life. Over the last year, I have grown as a leader, business owner, mother, and wife.

I have a new passion and reason for why God has put me on this earth! With the freedom of time and freedom of finances, God has given me my ultimate purpose in life and the means to do it. I always felt in my heart that being a generous giver was my calling and my spiritual gift but my bank account could never keep up with my giving heart. Through my home based business, I am able to not only be with my family and provide for them, but I am able to radically give to others and God is able to use me to bless and change the lives of others. There truly is no greater reward in life than to be the hands and feet of Jesus and help others out of whatever situation they are in. This experience has taught me that it isn’t about money, it’s about what you do with it. We plan to radically change the lives of even more people by blessing them, teaching others how to work this business, and inspiring others through their storm in hopes to help them climb out of the valley and to the top of the mountain!!

I certainly don’t do it all or have it all.. but I do the most I can, I give the most I can, and most importantly, I am the most I can be for my family and for others. I learned to say no to things, work hard for things that mattered, and share my story with others so that they may see what prayer and flat out determination gets you. My son has watched his mother go from a depressed, struggling new mom, to a strong mother and leader who is able to provide for him and run a corporation of 1,300 other determined women all from the comfort of our home. He has seen me fight for my dreams and fight to help others reach their dreams too. In the end, I have learned this about life, if you haven’t blessed others, you have missed the whole point. So here’s to the fighters, the mothers, and those that choose to believe in themselves and allow God to work through them in ways they never thought possible!

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 Laurie Bowes



  1. Congrats. It's not an easy road but if you can be disciplined enough to do it others can too.

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