Foodcation: Journeys Into The World of French Pastries

Last week I felt adventurous... so adventurous in fact that I decided to buy the contents that were needed to try my hand at French macarons! But once I bought the almond meal/flour I was almost too scared to make them (have you seen the price of that stuff? Lol).
It took me a few days to start feeling brave enough to consider making them again but once I gathered up enough gumption I decided that yesterday afternoon was the day! Yes, I made french macarons! But not just any French macarons... these were chocolate hazelnut french macarons!

Um, can we say... Yum! (Lol me and my nutella addiction).

Anyway though, they didn't turn out perfect, really the only thing wrong with them was they didn't have the famous macaron "foot" but I'm pretty sure I know what to do next time to correct that. I was very disappointed at first, but then I realized "Hey! Nobody gets these perfect the first time!" so I cheered up a bit... but oh the taste... and did I mention that the ganaché literally was perfect! I thought I died and went to heaven! Such deliciousness! And they're even better today after being refrigerated overnight.
Can't wait to try my hand at them again, and who knows, maybe, just maybe they'll turn out perfect! (and just maybe when the day comes that I perfect them
I'll share the recipe:)...but if not I'll try, try again!
Have you ever made french macarons before? How did they turn out?


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