C-Section Recovery: A Guest Blog with Brianne from The Sentimental Mama

{Please discuss all options with your doctor. The following is not from a medical doctor or OBGYN. You should consult any and all changes in your care following a major surgery with your doctor. These are just helpful tips, ideas and experience from someone that has been through a C-Section.}
Hello! First let me thank April for asking for me to be her guest blogger! I couldn’t be more thrilled to do this. In my previous blog post “Pro-Breastfeeding Mama and Why I Chose Formula” I discussed the beginning stages of my pregnancy and the grand finale of the birth but I never discussed on the C-Section Recovery aspect of it all in great detail so this is a great avenue that I get to be able to tell this side of my story.
Some of you can relate, my pregnancy was rough. It was not rainbows and butterflies for the most part. YES, I LOVED to be pregnant. I loved that my body knew exactly how to create a human. I loved that I had a second heart beating inside of me. I loved that I really felt connected to this strange alien-like creature that was busy kicking my insides like nobody’s business. I loved that only I got to have these unique feelings with this child. But my womanly body didn’t know how to be so giving and fought me most of the way with health issues. My baby also was breech the entire pregnancy which led me to having to have a C-Section. By 9 months, I was asking where do I sign on the dotted line for that surgery. I didn’t want to have a C-Section, I was roaring to go with an all natural Doula-filled birth. Come the day of the surgery, it didn’t go well. I had a panic attack on the surgery table and the surgery recovery area post-op was less of a “Golden Hour” with my baby and more of a blur.
I ended up getting Preeclampsia after delivery (yes this can happen!) so in addition to all of my pain meds, stool softeners (yes you must take those), I was also now on high blood pressure medication. A few times I almost fainted while trying to recover in the hospital. >>Not fun at all<< But with all of that the most frustrating thing was using the restroom post-op. They don’t brief you on this before you go into surgery but having to use the restroom by FAR is very nerve wrecking. You almost feel like you are going to pop a stitch. Once you have successfully mastered the restroom, you will be allowed to leave the hospital, unless like me, you beg to stay because I still wasn’t feeling right.
After my lengthy hospital stay, I was able to go home 5 days later. I tried to remember as hard as I could of all the nuances that I encountered while recovering. Let me break down some of these to you for recovering after your C-Section:
Before surgery (if possible) purchase YOGA pants. At least a handful. You will live in them while your surgery site heals.
Take things day by day. Focus on walking daily…slowly.
Request a Post Op Belly Binder. This is an elastic wrap with Velcro that you can wrap your tummy up every time you get up to walk. It holds everything in and just makes you feel more stable. Check with your insurance because my insurance covered it!
If you were supposed to have a natural birth and ended up having a C-Section, don’t beat yourself up about it. It’s just not worth it. Go hold your baby and focus on today, not yesterday.
It’s okay to say no to people visiting you in the hospital. I was there for quite a few days but some of those days my husband did have to tell our friends to try back tomorrow. You will have ups and downs in recovery and that’s okay.
Try to take as many hospital panties home that you can as well as the long pads. My nurses were kinda stingy but I was glad to have a handful when I left.
If you run out of pads/hospital panties when you are home, ladies Depends underwear works perfectly.
When you get to go home, tell your driver to take their time. You will feel every bump especially if your almost due for your next pain medicine dose.
Leads me to the next tip, DON’T slack on taking your pain meds for at least 5 days post op. You can slowly start weaning yourself off but take your time. You don’t need to be wobbling around with your newborn in pain. Even if you’re breast feeding. They won’t give you pain meds that will affect your milk… believe me I asked 1 million times J I had to keep a record on paper for my own knowledge (because I obviously had doped up baby brain!) and my husband’s knowledge. If you can, make yourself a spreadsheet before you go into surgery so that it is ready for you when you get home!
Try to avoid foods that will make your belly gurgle or get the B.G’s {bubble guts} hehe a little silly but so true!!
DRINK WATER. I forgot quite a bit and noticed a huge difference. Plus it helps you remember to go to the restroom!
Your surgery site will be weird. My scare is still thick but pretty low. Parts are still numb and after reading a blog or two this is normal with other C-Section Mamas.
GLUE: There will be a ton of glue on your surgery site. You will have to remove it when the doctor gives you the green light. It’s gunky and weird. Sort of like eyelash glue on steroids if you were curious.
Once you no longer have an open incision, rub vitamin e oil on it. And/or some Mederma Cream to help speed up the healing of the scar.
Remember to take a shower EVERY DAY. This doesn’t stop at the hospital. Some may be shocked I even have to say this but you will see… I even failed on this. My newborns needs went way before my needs. But I remember a friend telling me how amazing she felt (hence why I stated earlier to take a shower in the hospital) after a shower and each shower I firmly agreed with her. If you are solo, bring that baby with you in the bathroom. He/She will just lie there anyways and even if you can just squeeze in a 5 minute chicken shower – DO IT.
Don’t clean, don’t bend down, and don’t use the stairs. Self explanatory.
Well I hope this helps some of you Mama’s out there! Nothing can really prep you for the most important surgery of your life even when it comes to post-op. Every lady has a different pregnancy. Every Mama has a different birth. And every Mama has a different recovery. Take it day by day, love on that little bundle of joy and don’t forget the baby needs their Mama, so take care of yourself too.
Brianne Geiger also dubbed The Sentimental Mama is a 30 year old Mother of one located in the {warm} state of Arizona. When she isn’t taking pictures of her little boy Gentry, she is blogging and sharing her life on social media. She is a wife, stay at home Mama, lover of Jesus and all things sentimental.

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