My first experience with Green Smoothies

In the words of my husband: "Sorry my wife is on a kelp (he meant kale. Lol.) kick right now"... Haha.
So recently I had my very green smoothie! I'd heard so much about them and seen so many pictures on Instagram and Pinterest and thought they looked really good but had never  yet tried one; and always meant to buy the naked "green machine" drink but every time I was at the store somehow it would always end up slipping my mind. Anyhow to make a long story short I made one myself not too long ago and it turned out so good I decided to share the list of ingredients with you all!
I used:
2 Bananas
Half an Avocado
Half an Organic Cucumber
A few Strawberries
Apple Juice (around 1/2 a cup)
A little Lemon Juice (probably around 1/8 a cup)
Ice cubes (around 6)
A few drops Organic Raw Agave Syrup
Or as my husband put it "everything but the kitchen sink! haha. I added pretty much all the ingredients "to taste", I really didn't measure anything out; But it made quite a lot and I had enough for several days! Quite green, quite healthy and quite delicious! :)

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