Bella's Birth Story - Part 1

Something just felt a little different that day when I woke up. I slept in a little and awakened to wonderful smells making their way upstairs into our bedroom, emanating from the kitchen downstairs; finally getting out of our warm snuggly bed the room seemed so cold but as I made my way down the stairs holding tight to the railing so as not to fall (being my center of gravity was off due to my huge baby belly protruding in front of me) the aroma became more intense and more delicious! My husband was making homemade Italian wedding soup! Yum! One of my favorite soups! After saying and kissing my hubby good morning and watching him work on the soup and chatting with him for a bit I went about the rest of my day: taking my shower, getting dressed back into warm comfy clothes, obsessing over the nursery trying to make everything "just right" and setting up the video baby monitor on the shelf next to the crib to see into it at just the perfect angle, folding and hanging up the rest of her tiny little clothes... As the day wore on I started getting more and more anxious and wanting to meet the sweet little life growing inside of me, so by the time we sat down to eat around 1pm I was starting to get pretty upset because I hadn't had ANY contractions, not even any of the usual braxton hicks contractions... and I just wanted to meet her! My sweet hubby had just dished out our bowls of soup and sat down so we could pray before we ate. I started crying my eyes out (can we say big time pregnancy hormones here lol) and telling him how ready to meet her I was! Being the wonderful husband that he is, he told me that it was all going to be alright and that we would meet her soon (if not over the weekend then on the coming Tuesday since I was scheduled for an induction due to the fact that my doctor had to go out of town for a week starting that Wednesday and I didn't feel comfortable having anyone but her deliver my baby). I was able to calm down some after that and we prayed and then ate, it was delicious, but I didn't even eat a full bowl, I should've known something was up then because I had been eating everything in sight and I just didn't feel like eating hardly at all that day. Then for pretty much the rest of the day we just relaxed, hubby was more relaxed that me lol he took a nap but I was to uncomfortable and anxious lol. Around 6pm it was dinnertime, hubby fed the dogs and he had more soup for dinner, but yet again I should have realized how close we were to it being 3 of us rather than just us 2 because I wasn't really hungry again: all I wanted was a little bit of chocolate ice cream. Snuggled together on the loveseat flipping channels and enjoying each others companionship and our beautiful Christmas decor we stayed that way till about 9:30, then I started getting tiny little contractions here and there. Around 10pm I started getting contractions quite regularly and after a bit of having them hubby and I ran around like crazy getting everything together (I still had 90% of my hospital bag to pack lol), packing, showering, I even blow dried and curled my hair lol, then I put my comfy clothes back on (no not the same ones haha) and decided to put on the shirt my mom and little sisters had bought for me that read "Gonna Pop" lol, by that time my contractions had slowed down and almost completely stopped (I think it was the warm shower water because it relaxed me so much) and of course I was disappointed because I wanted to meet her so badly. *Cue hormonal pregnant woman crying again (lol)* It just wasn't right, here we'd gotten all excited (and nervous) and then my labor just STOPS? I'd carried this amazing little life inside me for 9 whole months, 3/4 of a whole year, and I wanted to meet her! I wanted to meet her tonight! I wanted to hold and kiss her tonight! And I wanted to tell her just how much I loved her, and I wanted to do it, yep you guessed it... Tonight! (Lol) So after about 15 mins of telling her just how much we wanted to meet and hold her and how much we loved her and asking, begging, pleading her to come soon, contractions started again! Yay!

..... To be Continued.....

Hubby's amazing wedding soup!
The "Bella Bump" right before we left for the hospital.


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