2 months old!

I am in disbelief, where has the time gone to? Before Bella was born people said that babies grow fast but no one told me just how fast! How has 2 months come and gone already? My baby is growing up so fast! Its wonderful, but still bittersweet in a way, I love the fact that she's growing and is discovering new things and is starting to talk and smile so much more and doing new and exciting things every single day, but yet at the same time I miss that scrunchy little newborn face and how tiny she was when she first was born. I look at all the clothes she has outgrown already and think "I cannot believe how small she was!", and I look at her and think "how in the world did she ever fit inside me?" (Haha) and then I realize just how much she's grown! On the 8th of February little Miss Bella had her 2 month birthday (though technically she was 1 day away from being 9 weeks old). She's getting so big, she had her 2 month well child doctor checkup yesterday, had her very first shots (booo!), I was so proud of her, she was so brave, she only cried about 7 mins but it felt like an eternity because my baby was in pain from getting the shots in her legs, I was a mess, I was sobbing my eyes out right there in the doctors office in front of the nurse who administered the shots. But at least we got it over with... and I didn't injure any nurses (though I can't say I didn't feel like it when she stuck Bella with the needles and Bella started crying)... now I just have her 4 month appointment to think about and dread for the next 2 months (lol).
Bella is already outgrowing her 3 month clothes and is now almost 11 lbs. (10 lbs. and 12 oz.) and is 22 and a quarter inches long! (she was 7 lbs 10 oz at birth). And now for the fun part again... Time to shop for more baby clothes! :D



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  1. They do grow soooo fast! Glad you got a little princess to call your own! :)